There Are No Fissures, No Contradictions In CCC – Siziba

Source: There Are No Fissures, No Contradictions In CCC – Siziba

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has denied rumours of divisions within the party after some of its Members of Parliament and councillors were recalled.

The self-proclaimed party’s interim secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu, recalled 15 MPs, councillors, and senators, amid claims that some senior party officials were behind the move. Names mentioned include Tendai BitiWelshman Ncube and Chalton Hwende. However, during a press conference, CCC’s deputy spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, along with the remaining MPs, downplayed any signs of disagreement within the opposition party. NewZimbabwe quotes him as saying:

There is no organisation without contradictions in this world. We have had debates in the party on which colour we should use. If you report that a certain leader had a different view on the colour which to use then you want to say there are fissures.

There are no fissures, there are no contradictions, we are a democratic party, we have discourse and we defeat each other at the level of superior logic. Our difference with our opponents is that we do not criminalise holding a different view.

There are signs of internal conflict within CCC following the disputed August elections, with reports of senior members expressing dissatisfaction. Tshabangu has suggested returning to the leadership structure from 2019 when the party was known as MDC Alliance, which would restore some senior members. Hwende, Biti, and Ncube held positions such as Secretary General and Vice President at that time but lost their roles after the 2023 elections, becoming “ordinary” party members. Siziba added:

This thing you are seeing is a Zanu PF issue, Zanu PF attacking the authentic opposition. All signs are clear CCC defeated Zanu PF in this election. We reject the election results because we are very clear that it’s not only a CCC issue.

Siziba claimed that CCC is being targeted and punished because they defeated ZANU PF in the 23-24 August harmonised elections. The party claims that its leader, Nelson Chamisa, defeated ZANU PF presidential candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa but the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) connived with ZANU PF to overturn the CCC victory.

Siziba believes that the recalls are part of a deliberate plan by ZANU PF to destroy the genuine opposition in the country. He, however, emphasised that CCC will not accept this and will stay focused on its goal of attaining political power and governing in a different way. He believes that those in power do not want leaders who bring about positive change.