‘Time to move out of political mood’ 

Source: ‘Time to move out of political mood’ – DailyNews Live

Bernard Chiketo      5 September 2018

MUTARE – Zanu PF Makoni South MP-elect Misheck Mataranyika has challenged
the nation to quickly move out of the phase of political contestation and
focus on development if the country’s economy is to be lifted out of the

Mataranyika told hundreds of Chimene villagers under Chief Makoni that key
to the country’s economic regeneration was for each household to be food
sufficient which would give a cumulative effect of making the country

He said Zimbabwe should aim at producing enough food so as to have a
surplus for sale across the continent and restore its famed past glory of
being the bread basket of Africa.

“We should be the bread basket of Africa and be able to sell surplus food
to other countries; that is now our goal.

“Focusing on politics from one election to the other does not benefit us
in any way.

“We need to go back to our fields and work to sustain ourselves and our
families. For us to be self-sustaining as a country it starts with every
family being self-sustaining,” Mataranyika said.

He said the country should only return to politics at most six months
before the next plebiscite in 2023.

“This is now time to go back to work. We will return to politics six
months before the next election,” he said.

Meanwhile, the MP-elect is not waiting for the swearing-in of legislators
to get his infrastructural development projects, promised during
campaigning, off the ground as he donated material for the repair of a
destroyed bridge.

Mataranyika, on Monday donated building materials for Nyamandowe Bridge in
Chimene area under Headman Mpambawashe while Makoni Rural District Council
will provide the technical expertise with the local community providing
locally available materials and labour.

The incoming legislator donated 160 bags of cement and wire mesh while
Mpambawashe has since coordinated the availing of stones to be used in
repairing the bridge which connects Chimene and Gurure areas.

“Like I see in Mnangagwa I am a listening leader. I do not want to go
about giving people solutions but people must generate solutions for their

“The major issue of concern during the campaign period was the repair of
this bridge. I’ll provide cement while your show of commitment is for you
to also contribute stones which you have since done,” Mataranyika said.