Toll fees unchanged, says Zinara

Source: Toll fees unchanged, says Zinara | The Herald May 2, 2019

Toll fees unchanged, says Zinara

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has dismissed social media messages purporting that toll fees have been increased.

Yesterday, social media platforms were awash with messages claiming that Zinara has increased tollgate fees effective May 1.

In a statement, Zinara spokesperson Mr Augustine Moyo refuted the claims.

“Zinara has not increased tollgate fees,” he said.

“Any increase in the toll fee tariffs cannot be done by Zinara unilaterally.

“Zinara is an agent of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development in the collection of fees and it collects fees on behalf of its principal and shareholder. Government is sensitive to any increase in tariffs as this has an impact on the pricing models in the economy.”

Mr Moyo said proposals to review the current tariffs have been submitted to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, which is yet to decide on the submissions.

“Proposals have been made to the ministry which has the final say in the reviewing of the current tariffs and we stand to be guided accordingly,” he  said.

“The announcement will not be made on social media, if the Government reaches the decision of increasing toll fees, relevant platforms will be used to communicate.

“Government has systems in place that are looking at that issue and when it arrives at a determination, it will be published in the Government Gazette. So as of today, there are no imminent toll fee tariff increases.”

Mr Moyo urged the motoring public to ignore what is circulating on social media and not panic.