Top US Official Tells Mnangagwa Govt to Implement Needed Reforms, Stop Anti-Sanctions Rhetoric

Source: Top US Official Tells Mnangagwa Govt to Implement Needed Reforms, Stop Anti-Sanctions Rhetoric

Republican U.S. Senator Jim Risch of Idaho.

A high ranking member of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government should implement real political and economic reforms for better relations between the two countries.

In a tweet, Senator Jim Risch of Idaho said Zimbabwe should stop conducting anti-sanctions campaigns that won’t bring any social, political and economic transformation in the southern African nation and instead focus on tangible reforms. He wrote:

Another year, another hollow anti-sanctions campaign from the gov’t of #Zimbabwe full of rhetoric instead of change.

The U.S. is consistent & clear about the path to better relations. Stop the corruption. Stop the #humanrights abuses. Pursue real political & economic reform.

Meanwhile, United Nations special envoy to Zimbabwe, Elena Douhan, in a statement on Wednesday also urged the Zimbabwean government to engage countries and entities that imposed targeted sanctions on ZANU PF officials.

While calling for the lifting of targeted sanctions imposed on ZANU PF officials which she said have “exacerbated pre-existing social and economic challenges with devastating consequences for the people of Zimbabwe”, Douhan urged the Zimbabwean government to institute political reforms, observe human rights and restore the rule of law.


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    Kalulu 11 months ago

    I do appreciate the consistency of the US on targeted sanctions for a few government officials guilty of the said abuses. Right now they are trailing the main opposition party leader, disrupting the parties activities such as meetings, blocking his free movement, physically attacking his convoy and yet daily they condemn targeted sanctions. It’s simple just address the triggers of targeted sanctions and everything will be fine. What boggles the mind is that the triggers for targeted sanctions have nothing to do with foreigners but ensuring that Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe have freedom, don’t steal, stop corruption, respect the wishes of people such as calling overdue by-elections, don’t rig elections,, just that, where is the problem Cde Mnangagwa and Company? Where does the issue of regime change come from?, if you have any such fears include international organisations including SADC, AU, EU, UN etc to expose any underhand dealings that you may be worried about.