Tsvangirai Irreplaceable

Tsvangirai Irreplaceable

Tsvangirai Irreplaceable

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Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo|
MDC officials have described party president Morgan Tsvangirai as an irreplaceable and principled leader who will certainly usher in a new political era when he wins the Presidential plebiscite in 2018.

Despite Tsvangirai’s complicated health condition, party zealots here have vowed to stand behind the former Prime Minister.

According to a statement released by MDC Masvingo Urban Constituency Information and Publicity Department yesterday, the party structures reaffirmed their unwavering support for Tsvangirai.

The statement was released at an end of year party at the Building Brigade premises in Masvingo at the weekend.

“We wish to state that MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai is and will remain the face of democratic change in Zimbabwe.

It would be folly and irresponsible to replace him at this crucial juncture.

We are conscious of the ruling party officials’ shenanigans as they desperately seek to push Tsvangirai out of the 2018 Presidential Election race.

The decision to change the leadership of the party can only be made at the congress,” read the statement.

There is discord in the party with some senior officials trying to persuade Tsvangirai to step down while his loyalists are arguing the opposition leader is the party and the MDC Alliance’ s sole Presidential candidate.


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    Ndebele 6 months

    If the leadership of the MDC is irreplaceable – then the MDC is doomed. What sort of an institution creates a one person centre of power without any senior or middle management? For 38 years Zanu have told the MDC that Mugabe was the beginnings and the end of Zanu. Voting for the MDC if they insist on having a one person one party state is just ding the same as Zanu. It is dumb. It shows that the MDC believes in the Zanu approach?