Vaccines roll out for rural areas

Source: Vaccines roll out for rural areas | The Herald

Vaccines roll out for rural areas

Mash East Correspondent

Covid-19 education and awareness campaigns have been intensified across the country to promote the mass vaccination programme in high-risk areas, including rural areas.

Speaking during an awareness campaign on Covid-19 vaccination in Murehwa yesterday, National Housing and Social Amenities Minister Daniel Garwe said teams had been deployed nationwide to carry out vaccination campaigns.

Some teams were static while others were mobile and more communication material containing frequently asked questions and answers about the pandemic and the expanded programme on immunisation was distributed.

Minister Garwe said information about vaccination should be cascaded down to village level for everyone to understand the process.

“We want to attain herd immunity and protect our communities. We do not want to anyone left behind that is why we are here in rural areas,” he said. 

People who were vaccinated urged those who were yet to get vaccinated to take advantage of the programme.

Alice Musinginwi (61) of ward 6 in Murehwa said the vaccines were safe and urged other villagers to be inoculated.

“I took my vaccines and I am fit. At first we were discouraged by rumours that those who took the vaccines were going to die,” she said.

“I want to urge my fellow villagers to be vaccinated so that our immunity against the Covid-19 virus will be boosted.”