War vets to be allocated stands

Source: War vets to be allocated stands | The Herald December 15, 2017

Mash West Correspondent
ZVIMBA Rural District Council is set to give war veterans residential stands following a directive from Government. Council chief executive Mr Peter Hlohla told a full council meeting at Murombedzi Growth Point yesterday that they received a circular directing them to allocate stands to war veterans.

“We have received a letter from the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Development directing us to allocate stands to our national liberators. War veterans and war collaborators were categorised into two, those who benefited and those who never benefited. Those who had been left out are going to be considered for stands allocation in Murombedzi, Banket, Nyabira and Darwendale,” he said.

Mr Hlohla said people who bought stands that were previously allocated to war veterans would be evicted. He said the stands would be measuring 300 square metres. Mr Hlohla said Zvimba District dealt with several cases involving land developers failing to abide by conditions in their subdivisions permits. Such people, he said, face arrest.

“We obtained default judgments for 25 illegal settlers who have settled on Rainham Farm, but they have since applied for rescission of the default judgment. We got 24 other default judgments, but the Messenger of Court in Norton has not yet carried out the evictions due to some complications beyond his control,” he said.