WATCH: Minister Beaten By Protesters 

Minister of foreign affairs Sibusiso Moyo and Nick Mangwana including other Zanu pf officials were beaten up by the protesters at Chatham house in Britain.

Source: WATCH: Minister Beaten By Protesters – The Zimbabwean July 12, 2019

The angry and aggressive Zimbabweans who resides in the U.K. were protesting outside Chatham house and the moment SB came out to enter into Zim 1 vehicle -, they kicked him and poured water on his clothes. Some other officials ran back into Chatham house.



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    Ndebele 3 years ago

    It is high time that that Perfidious Albius and Perfidious Kleptus (Zanu) were give a taste of their own medicine? Zanu murdered 20 000 Matabeleland and The Empire murdered 25 000 Boer civilans in the Boer War – but now we must all be chummy chummy with the, as they all continue to steal? The ma British truly deserve to get Bonkers Boris as their PM – a self serving Polly that is trying to pretend that he is Winston Churchill. It is a close call between us calling to a Farce or a Fart. They should have taken Eddie Cross there to talk his fantastic lies as well.