WATCH: Mphoko “deported” from Botswana

By Farai D Hove| We personally saw (former Vice President) Phelekezela Mphoko being “deported”, two men have insisted.

The two made their confessions yesterday following their LIVE video which shows Mphoko and his family escaping cameras while hiding their faces. The shocking footage comes as professor Jonathan Moyo, believed to have fled Zimbabwe to Kenya,  also stated that Mphoko has been handed over to the Zimbabwe National Army.

The two men appear in the latest file footage screaming out that this is clearly Phelekezela Mphoko being deported. Voices are then heard vocalising in loud Plumtree liguo – another piece of suggestive evidence that the video was shot near the Zimbabwe-Botswana border.

Prof Moyo says Mphoko has been repatriated from Botswana back into Zimbabwe and handed to military personnel at the border.