We Can’t Run Tokwe Mukorsi Project, Says Hungwe

We Can’t Run Tokwe Mukorsi Project, Says Hungwe

Source: We Can’t Run Tokwe Mukorsi Project, Says Hungwe | ZimEye

Terrence Mawawa, Masvingo | Masvingo State Minister Josaya Dunira Hungwe has said the government cannot run the Tokwe Mukorsi because of too much corruption and bureaucracy.

Hungwe said private organisations would run the project efficiently compared to government departments.

Speaking in Masvingo last week Hungwe said government officials were lazy, corrupt and ineffective.

“There is no doubt that Government will stifle progress at Tokwe Murkosi Dam because of corruption, greed and bureaucratic tendencies. As such we recommend that the project must be managed by a private agent,” said Hungwe.

“We have failed to run the project effectively in the past and we feel there is no change so we want a private agent to take over the management of Tokwe Mukorsi Dam,” said Hungwe.

He said a crucial meeting would be held next week to determine the way forward on the project.

There has been no progress at Tokwe Mukorsi Dam for the past few months because the inter- ministerial task force responsible for the management of the project is failing to implement proper decisions.