We need to take charge of our situation

Source: We need to take charge of our situation – DailyNews Live

5 July 2019

EDITOR – The revolution is not something that falls when ripe.
You have to make it fall.  In Zimbabwe the journey from poverty to
affluence is never an easy one.  The road to progress traverses a terrain
of impediments.  It’s a journey we have travelled so far, in which the
prospects to reach destination seem remote and unattainable; something
that demands us to be ever watchful and be in a perennial state of

Aneurin Bevan once said, “Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus.”
I encourage all like-minded individuals, organisations, political parties,
churches, etc, to peacefully partake in a total shut down for the
betterment of our country..

A revolution can never be successful without perseverance, sacrifice and
loyalty.  Real transformers will never be given to materialism but to the
needs of the people. In case Zanu PF will send soldiers as usual, to beat
innocent citizens at their homes, everyone will be watchful and remain

In the same way we wear different shoe sizes, our feet need shoes that are
sufficiently comfortable for the situation, last for the journey and are
fit for purpose.  Of course, there’s a cabal that always tells President
Emmerson Mnangagwa that he is doing good for the people and that everyone
in the country is happy and loves him so much.

We all know those smooth-talkers who deceive him with their lush words
that are meant to make him feel good.  People who are meant to please
their rulers. Indeed, they are sycophants, flatterers, apparatchiks, they
praise every decision ED make. Even before seeing him, they can tell you
how smart he is and how brave he is.
These people do it without shame.

Other people argue that this can be a powerful tool for advancement but I
have known, those who are fond of praising men on their faces are also
fond of damning them behind their backs.  There is no other way of
guarding one’s self from flatterers except by letting men understand that
you will not be offended if they tell you the truth.

The cabal benefiting either directly or indirectly from this
discontentment, do it with all the conspiracy and theories that bare
flying higher and thither which are done by armchair cynic who seem well
adjusted on social media but are so impractical on the ground.

Zimbabweans just have to decide on the way forward from this crisis.
Without sacrifice we will remain in this sad situation of suffering and
poverty, we just need to take charge of our situation for the betterment
of our beloved country.