What did he say???



Open public spats between high ranking officials in the party… made the criticisms levelled against us inescapable.

Fellow Zimbabweans we are nation born out of a protracted struggle for national independence. In respect of the party and the party issues raised, these too stand acknowledged.

I am aware that as a party of liberation – Zanu-PF has written elaborate rules and procedures.

The current criticism raised against by the command element and some of its elemnt has a reason… that the party was stretching and is even failing in its own procedure.

The tradition of resistance is our collective legacy We must all recognise that their participation in the war (veterans) exacted life-long costs. There has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our party as enshrined in its constitution.

To all this… must a general recognition that ZanuPF is a party of traditions

The era of victimisation and arbitrary decision must be put behind.

There must be a clear roadmap to sort out things that affected the party negatively

Let us all move forward, reminding ourselves of our wartime mantra

We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions, real or perceived

We cannot be guided by bitterness and vengefulness

As I conclude this address, I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party given the failings of the past and the anger these might have triggered in some quarters






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    Jonsina 5 years ago

    The President has spoken. I call upon soberliness to all our leaders. Today I will not call you boys (even though you are my boys) because of the gravity of the situation. The President has promised to appoint a young chief executive shown him by God to solve the “intergenerational conflict” and cross the nation to the next phase. If people who were listening to him face to face don’t fully get it then allow me to say guys let’s be analytic. Yes Mugabe must go but the majority of people dancing about his supposed downfall are empty heads who can’t even negotiate a beneficial deal with even the most generous investor.