What equipment will also support computer mining in 2021?

What equipment will also support computer mining in 2021?

What equipment will also support computer mining in 2021? Home computer mining has long been unsupported. Home computers can still be used before Bitcoin has become popular, but since 2011, Bitcoin has become popular, and many settings have slowly appeared. Unfortunately, in the end, Satoshi Nakamoto set those home computers no longer support mining but instead require special tools to mine. So let’s take a closer look at the other equipment that can support mining!If you want to know more about the mining machine or maintenance related content, please contact Zeus mining official website.

  1. Mini Shark: Excellent compact mining equipment

Technical index

Graphics card: 4xAMDRX570/580 Warranty: 90 days

SharkMini is a compact device with four GPUs. You can configure its basic model AMDRX570/580 to bring you huge profits. Of course, you can also add a touch screen display to monitor SharkMining miners at any time. If you mine ZCash, It can make a profit of 200 US dollars per month. If the basic model is used, Ethereum can receive 300 US dollars per month. Of course, this may change.

2.Bitmain S17 Pro

Bitmain AntminerS17 Pro has the best performance specifications and is equipped with three advanced mining modes: normal mode, low power consumption mode and Turbo. Although the maximum hash rate of ASIC is 53TH/s, you sometimes need to run it in a lower mode to prevent overheating. Even so, S17 Pro is currently one of the most efficient ASICs, with a rated power of 39.5J/TH.

3.AlienwareArea51Threadripper version

Technical index

CPU: AMDRyzenThreadripper1950X Graphics card: NvidiaGeForceGTX1060–1080Ti Memory: 8GB–64GB Storage: 2TBHDD–1TBSSD; 2TB hard disk

AlienwareArea51ThreadripperEdition is an excellent gaming desktop. Its powerful built-in components, including AMD’s Threadripper processor, provide a lot of cores for multitasking. It is also the best mining PC that money can buy. Crucially, it also installs some of the best mining GPUs. There is a lot of space in the eye-catching case for upgrades when needed, although it is costly for all Alienware products. However, you can configure AlienwareArea51ThreadripperEdition to ensure that you get a model that suits your needs and budget.

4. Antminer D3 ASIC miner

Application-specific integrated circuit chips (ASICs) are different from other mining equipment because they do not use GPUs for mining, which means that prices and power consumption can be reduced. They can also resolve Bitcoin blocks faster, which means they are worth studying. For example, AntminerD3 is an ASIC miner from zeusbtc.com, a good mid-range miner with a hash rate of 19.5GH/sec.

5. MSI Unlimited A: Excellent 24/7 Mining PC

Processor: IntelCorei7-7700 Graphics: NvidiaGeForceGTX1060–1080Ti Memory: Up to 64GB Storage: 2TBHDD

It is another excellent gaming PC and twice as much as a versatile mining PC. Thanks to its powerful components, you will get some great rewards when using it for mining, and the excellent cooling system of this PC means it can run for a long time without overheating or becoming too noisy. It is another expensive expense, but if you dig wisely, it may quickly pay off.

6. Shark PRO: Excellent mining equipment for professional miners

SharkPRO is well-built mining equipment with a variety of configuration options. It is an expensive mining machine, but if you are serious about mining, the quality of construction and potential profit make it a desirable choice.

7. PandaMinerB5Plus

Graphics card: 8xAMDRadeonRX460

PandaMinerB5Plus is a sophisticated combination of miners, compact and attractive, and very good at making profits when mining cryptocurrencies.