What Presidential candidates promise 

What Presidential candidates promise 

Source: What Presidential candidates promise – Sunday News July 15, 2018

Presidential candidates

Presidential candidates

Continued from last week

Daniel Shumba
United Democracy Alliance (UDA)
– Unemployment benefits equivalent to the poverty datum line for all unemployed people above 18 years

– Form agency for youths to engage the Government

– Venture capital funds for youths and graduates

– Introduce our gold-based currency

– Uplift the lives of  citizens

Gava Mapfumo Peter
United Democratic Front
– Compensate all victims of political violence from 1980

– Lure Zimbabweans in the diaspora to come and help in the development of the country

– Reduce cabinet perks, number of foreign trips by the President and other Government officials

– Introduce cheap vehicles for senior civil servants.

-National debts paid up within five years

Busha Joseph Makamba (FreeZim Congress)
– Re-building the country’s industry and courting foreign direct investment in order to create employment

-Fix the currency crisis

– Restore trust, civil liberties, dignity and social justice

– Respect of human rights

– Change police conduct

Hove Mhambi Divine
National Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans
– Push for devolution

-Disband the Central Intelligence Organisation and the Zimbabwe Republic Police

– Fight corruption

– Attorney General, Prosecutor General and Auditor General to serve at the pleasure of the President

– Cede more powers to provincial councils

Kasiyamhuru Blessing
Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity
– $200 billion economy through investment partnerships within five years

– 21st century technological advancements

– Trimming of the civil service through abolishment of posts

– Reducing Cabinet to 12 or 14 ministers

– Long-term national plans that take into account the needs of our great-grandchildren 200-500 years into the future

Manyika Noah Ngoni
Build Zimbabwe Alliance
– Cutting Cabinet to 15

– Restoring Property Rights and Investor Confidence

– Building a Dynamic Economy from the Bottom Up

– Rural Development and Agriculture Recovery Plan

– Restoring Common Sense Public Policy and Sound Financial Management

Munyanduri Tendai Peter 
New Patriotic Front
– Balanced diet for everyone including egg, bacon and milk for every breakfast

– Establish Fruit Authority of Zimbabwe aimed at providing a forest of fruit trees

– 100 percent access to free and quality medical/ health care

– Nationalise all indigenised and privatised companies

– Reduce the cost of upmarket houses to less than a $1 000 for first time buyers

Mugadza William Tawonezvi 
Bethel Christian Party
– 12 ministers

– Abolition of provincial ministers

– Israel as new strategic trading partner

– Partnering with church for community development

– Dual citizenship and scraping of visa requirements for Zimbabwean in the diaspora, their children and legitimate spouses

Mutinhiri Ambrose 
National Patriotic Front
– Restoration, maintenance and preservation of the legacy of independence

– Provision of affordable and accessible healthcare with requisite state-of-the-art and well-staffed facilities across all communities

– Provision of compulsory top-notch basic education and development of internationally competitive high-end science and technology based skills in tertiary and higher education to generate engineering solutions to societal problems and incubate industries

– Creation of national wealth through economic growth, industrialisation and modernisation

– Generational renewal in the leadership of political, business,  State and government institutions to ensure a progressive balance between continuity and change

Timothy Chiguvare
People’s Progressive Party
– Create 2,5 million jobs in two years

– No shortage of money

– No shortage of medication in hospitals

– Ensure that the international business community invests in Zimbabwe

Busha Joseph Makamba
FreeZim Congress
– Re-building the country’s industry and courting foreign direct investment in order to create employment.

– Fix the currency crisis

– Restore trust, civil liberties, dignity and social justice

– Respect of human right

– Change police conduct

Mteki Bryan Taurai 
– Has not said much since nomination day. What is known is he is a musician and also runs businesses in Harare