Why does President Mnangagwa allow Zanu PF MPs and officials to hijack food aid and input programmes? 

Dear Mr. Speaker,

Source: Why does President Mnangagwa allow Zanu PF MPs and officials to hijack food aid and input programmes? – The Zimbabwean

I am not sure how Parliament works regarding unbecoming behavior outside Parliament building, but while carrying out official duty in their constituencies. One thing for sure is that this Chiredzi West Member of Parliament, Farai Musikavanhu, has been publicly involved in acts that cost people’s lives on two documented occasions.

WATCH: VIDEO: Irrefutable evidence of Zanu PF denying food to MDC supporters – The Zimbabwean

First was when he ordered the withdrawal of hospital equipment, including an ambulance, that had been donated to a hospital presumably in Chiredzi West constituency by a Zimbabwean citizen based in the United Kingdom for political reasons. And now he is at it again, vowing that supporters of the MDC will not receive any assistance as shown in the video accessible on the link accompanying this article. If there are no rules that can be used to reprimand parliamentarians who are a nuisance to society in this manner, I would encourage Parliament of Zimbabwe to seriously consider creating regulations that would allow rogue parliamentarians such as Farai Musikavanhu to be brought to book.

But Musikavanhu is not alone. Zanu PF branded vehicles were seen hijacking Cyclone Idai food aid, and there were testimonies  from people who had been identified as MDC supporters who were denied assistance. In Tshabalala in Bulawayo a few weeks ago Zanu PF officials were at it again and members of the general public had to revolt against this Zanu PF practice.

The interesting thing about it all is that President Mnangagwa then tells a lie to the world that resources are being equitably distributed to all those who deserve. But why does President Mnangagwa protect such rogue behavior from his officials? Two things are true here: either he is part of all this that is why he turns a blind eye to reports on such inhuman behaviour by his officials, or he genuinely doesn’t know that such things are happening, but on both counts, he is not fit for office and must go.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa must just go, because the atrocities that used to be committed on innocent Zimbabwe just because of their different political opinion from the Zanu PF way of thinking have increased and have been perfected to disguise the hideous acts in some cases. But thank God some daring Zimbabweans have been able to capture some of the acts on camera as evidence, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa must admit he has failed to control and leave, and Mr. Speaker Sir Jacob Mudenda, please think of the possible ways of reviewing regulations around parliamentarians conduct to ensure that incidents of this nature do not continue to occur.


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    I know that this may be difficult to imagine – but do you think he might be involved?? No, surely not…

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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    ED is very much involved as the party’s and government CEO and most recently he condoned acts of corruption by expelling youths who engaged in names calling of the corrupt culprits.