Why is there food insecurity in Zimbabwe?

Source: Why is there food insecurity in Zimbabwe? | zimbabweland

The food situation in Zimbabwe this year is bad. But what’s the cause? Drought is part of the story – you just have to see the dramatic pictures from Victoria Falls to realise something is up. But the food crisis is not just the result of a natural disaster, prompted by a major El Nino event across the region. Nor is it just due to land reform as too often surmised, as land reform has had complex impacts on the food economy, both positive and negative.

The situation is poorly understood because national food security assessment data are not effectively disaggregated, and miss certain dimensions. In particular, post-land reform grain market and exchange processes are very poorly understood.

These elaborate, informal processes – often sharing food from surplus producing land reform areas with other, poorer communal and urban areas – are however heavily disrupted by the economic chaos and uncertainty currently gripping the country, as discussed last week.


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    Pissed 3 years ago

    There has always been droughts intermitently over the last 40years & upto the time that Mugabe took the first farm ,food security has never been an issue .So why hide from the fact that the average Indigenous Farmer is completely Useless ,mostly corrupt & incompetent .Really own it you buggers .The fallout because of this greed by these Indigenous is where we are today & really what happens next is Totally deserved .I hope you dont get any outside help.

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      Dubbozimbo 3 years ago

      Eish I am not the one…… they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Hope the buggers starve.

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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    Communal farmers have had a very bad crop this year and added to that climate change and global warming & Zimbabweans are without food comrades