Women urged to aim higher

Source: Women urged to aim higher | The Herald

Women urged to aim higher
Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa addresses delegates at the Women in Marketing High Tea in Harare yesterday

Columbus Mabika

Herald Reporter

Women must be united and always aim higher, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday told the Women in Marketing High Tea hosted by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

The function ran under the theme “#Choose to Challenge”.

“Last month we were commemorating women’s month and some of the key issues that were talked about were mainly on women advancement and unity as women,” said Minister Mutsvangwa. “As women we must not be held down by the glass ceiling, let us not be content with having a job, a small business or a degree.

“Let us strive to move higher. If you are in business strive to expand your ventures or interest. If you are employed as a professional, advance your career. Development is very important.”

Minister Mutsvangwa, who is patron of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, said women should have the right mindset and go beyond calling for equal rights.

She said in the past, women used to sing a song on equal rights and equal opportunities, but there has been a realisation women can only get opportunities if they are equal to the task with their qualifications.

Women should avoid the pull her down syndrome where some want to decimate the characters of their colleagues that would have succeeded in some spheres of influence.

They should instead support fellow women and establish how they would have made it, she said.

“Unity is the stepping stone to success,” said Minister Mutsvangwa. “When we are united we can groom, mentor, uplift and comfort each other in times of need. I have often heard people talking about ‘pull her down syndrome’. This must be a thing of the past as we unite for the betterment of ourselves and the nation at large.

“As women, we are the backbone of our families and nation, hence we need to use this wisely by working together.”