Zanu-PF breakfast meeting tomorrow 

Source: Zanu-PF breakfast meeting tomorrow | The Herald September 5, 2019

Zanu-PF breakfast meeting tomorrowDr Mike Bimha

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ZANU-PF is next month expected to launch the revised Economic Empowerment Policy following the reviewing of Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Policy, Department of Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment secretary Dr Mike Bimha said yesterday.

Dr Bimha said the ruling party has tomorrow lined up its final breakfast meeting in Bulawayo to solicit the views of various stakeholders to have an input in the Economic policy that is supposed to link with the Government’s Vision 2030 agenda.

“What we are having in Bulawayo tomorrow is a business breakfast meeting, targeted at the Bulawayo community. We are earmarking small companies, big companies, start-ups, indigenous, multinationals, the whole setup of enterprises we are open to hearing their views, we want to hear views from women in business, youth in business and other groupings within our society, it could be the disabled or other cultural groups who have something to do with business organisations.”

Dr Bimha said a lot of work has already been done in terms of consultations, what they need now is to concretise the Economic Empowerment policy and be able to make it through, push it through levels that determine its approval.