Zanu PF defends Bona inclusion on State trip

via ZANU PF de -Newsday March 19, 2015 by Obey Manayiti

ZANU PF deputy director of information Psychology Maziwisa yesterday defended President Robert Mugabe for including his daughter Bona Chikore on an official government delegation to Japan, saying there was nothing amiss with that as other heads of states have done it before.

The inclusion of Bona on the government trip to Japan and the decision to allow her to sit by Mugabe’s side during an official meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday has caused a stir in the country with opposition parties and political analysts slamming the move.

Some suggested that the First Family could not entirely depend on Mugabe’s security team anymore due to his failing health, while others said the move was a serious breach of protocol aimed at turning the country into a monarchy.

Mugabe was in Japan for the United Nations 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction where he was also accompanied by other senior government officials.

However, Mazivisa accused MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai of trying to make an issue out of the trip.

“Not only is this another sign of Tsvangirai’s pettiness, it’s a demonstration that he is clueless about what happens in the global political sphere, especially since there is no law (domestic or international) that precludes a Head of State from travelling with his or her daughter on State visits,” Mazivisa said.

“It is a matter of public record, for instance, that former United States President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, not only attended incalculable State meetings and functions with her father, she in fact, when her mother was away campaigning, became the focal point at the White House where she received several foreign dignitaries.”

Added Mazivisa: “Madam Bona Mugabe has not done anything nearly as much. We refuse to buy into the narrative that for as long as it’s President Mugabe doing it, no matter how perfectly lawful it is, it’s wrong, but if it’s Bill Clinton doing it, it’s cool. It’s a barbaric way of doing politics.”

Mazivisa, who did not give a legitimate reason for including Bona on the trip, also took another swipe at Tsvangirai, saying while Mugabe travelled with his daughter, the opposition leader was famous for taking along “concubines” on his foreign trips.


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    Grabmore 8 years ago

    I personally don’t think it is a big issue if Bona goes on foreign trips with her Dad. No problem.

    The problem is why did Zimbabwean Tax Payers who cannot afford a bowl of Sadza most days have to pay for a 2 week trip to Japan and all over – with Hotels and private Boeing aircraft being chartered and lots of restaurants FOR 100 DELEGATES ??? Why what for? To make a speech lasting one hour about natural diasters ??

    The second problem is that – if honest – Mr Psychology should be presenting to the Tax payer (who is paying the bill) – a full forensic and published audit of all these trips made in the past 5 years to the Far East. Then he can talk of ‘legality’

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    Hatina 8 years ago

    Psychology Mazivisa is just another stupid boy….!!

  • comment-avatar
    Moses 8 years ago

    There is always a line….and the Mugabes have now crossed it. within 3 months Rgm will be ceremonial Head of State and the armed forces. We shall have a military head of government to ensure our precious “first family ” maintain their “right” to plunder and everyone that matters will be further trampled upon. The plan is coming together

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    gogosesikhona 8 years ago

    The problem is that you can’t treat Zimbabwe as a personal estate. There are millions who have a claim. This becomes very problematic even to the armed forces.

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    chira 8 years ago

    bootleakers what can they say? You become populist about writing and defending someone in his life. You sit down to write a defensive article protecting the wrongfulness of a dead leader of a nation. Even in his grave you are likely to be stupid enough to express to the nation that he is in a deep are that kind of person who would leak his back after he has visited the toilet to replace a tissue.What is not right is not right.The country does not need small girls to do national business.Leave her by the hotel and join the contingent later.

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    i see some point of madness to this political analyst

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    Tofazvedu 8 years ago

    People you dont need to worry much about ass sniffers like Mazivisa. He is mental and always forgetting to take his medication. Very soon he will announce Mugabe is single.

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    Fallenz 8 years ago

    “Some suggested that the First Family could not entirely depend on Mugabe’s security team anymore due to his failing health, while others said the move was a serious breach of protocol aimed at turning the country into a monarchy.”

    You’re kidding, right? Wake up and smell the stink… Zim is already a monarchy.

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    Woundedbaffallo 8 years ago

    Mazivisa unozivei pay backtime is coming soon ,think about gadaffi where is he rightnow wakaita zvokujoina zanupf mufana usaita dzungu