Stray dogs shot in Zimbabwe

via Stray dogs shot in Zimbabwe | News24 2015 March 18

Officials in Bulawayo have shot 160 stray dogs in a campaign to curb the spread of rabies, it was reported on Wednesday.

The authorities are pressing on with “Operation Tie Up Order”, despite an outcry from animal welfare activists.

“We’ve shot a total of 160 dogs and we hope to shoot more stray dogs,” Edwin Sibanda, a senior health official in the Bulawayo City Council, told the Chronicle newspaper.

“We had stopped this operation due to a shortage of bullets, but we’ve resumed work. We realise that we now have a few stray dogs in the city which is good,” he said.

Animal rights activists have criticised the use of firearms to curb the stray dog problem. They say dogs should be humanely trapped and euthanised, and that using firearms in public places is a danger to residents.




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    I think we all know a few people those bullets could be better directed to for a cleaner, purer zimbabwe

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    Edgar Dube 7 years ago

    This is wrong, all life deserves respect. Why couldn’t the dogs be vaccinated or something?

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    Iwezimb 7 years ago

    There is one dog that needs to be shot. Three guesses

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    The one in Stanmore 30 km from Gwanda almost killed a woman from fetching some water and she is currently battling for her life in Hospital. The owner is Shisa who has a butchery at the business centre and acting as an untoucheable.