ZANU PF has no moral high ground to urge nation to honour struggle icons, as the party at forefront of abandoning heroes, and deleting its own from history 

There are two questions that have always interested me, “How much do you get for the numerous articles that you write, as you are possibly receiving so much?” But, when I answer that I have never been paid for all the thousands of writings I have produced over the past years, the understandably flabbergasted people then ask, “What motivates you to write so much (at times even more than those being paid), and where do you get the strength”.

Source: ZANU PF has no moral high ground to urge nation to honour struggle icons, as the party at forefront of abandoning heroes, and deleting its own from history – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

I certainly have no problems answering that one. Firstly, I believe that what I am doing (fighting for the true liberation of all Zimbabweans) is a calling from Jehovah God – which, I do under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – furthermore, Jesus Christ has always looked after me, and has never let me go to bed hungry.

And, secondly, the utter misrule and outright incompetence and inaptitude of the Zimbabwe government, is enough to give me strength to write – even when I am not feeling well.

Today is no exception. I have been sick for the past week, and spent most of the time bedridden – however, the ZANU PF regime’s bungling always manages to give me a burst of determination and strength, and I got up this morning to pen this piece, although I am still not feeling well.

I have been under pressure from well wishers to write a book – and, I can assure you that in my tributes/acknowledgments, I will certainly give ZANU PF the recognition it deserve, as without its gross and perennial mismanagement, possibly I would not have become a writer!

This brings me why I had the energy and inspiration to write today’s piece – the current “Zimbabwe at 41 years” fervour by the ZANU PF regime – with the urging for the nation to always honour and respect our liberation struggle heroes and heroines, with even every Friday in April being dedicated to a national clean up campaign, in honour of these illustrious Sons and Daughters of the Soil.

My question though is simply – does ZANU PF itself even know who these “gallant Sons and Daughters of the Soil” are?

Why do I ask?

Well, its quite simply that, if there is any group in this country that is notorious of either deleting leading liberation icons from the history books, or merely ignoring them, then ZANU PF takes the trophy.

For instance, how many veterans of the struggle are today wallowing in abject poverty, having been completely forgotten by the ZANU PF regime?

Two weeks ago, before my current bout of illness, a war veteran friend of mine (one of numerous struggle fighters, who support my work for a better Zimbabwe for all) painfully told me that she was sick, but could not afford the basic medication required.

To say that I was shocked would be an gross understatement, but was absolutely astounded. Honestly, a whole gallant Daughter of the Soil – who sacrificed her whole youth for the emancipation of this country (and was also sexually abused in the process) – has been dumped in the dustbin of history and can not afford basic medication, by a government that wants to tell the nation to always respect and honour our liberation struggle veterans.

If I had US$50, I would have been able to do more for the struggle icon, than what the ZANU PF regime is doing.

Yet, this is not an isolated case, as such rejection and dejection has become the norm for most of these gallant Sons and Daughters of the Soil – most of whom now survive on handouts. As a matter of fact, some of those declared national or provicial heroes, died as paupers – whilst, the leadership live opulently.

Then, there is rewriting of history books by the ZANU PF regime, in order to eliminate its own, whom the leadership of the day would not like.

For instance, when was the last time Zimbabweans saw videos of the late founding president Robert Gabriel Mugabe on state media – especially during this independence month, whereby one would expect such people who even founded ZANU PF itself, would be highlighted?

However, so far, I have watched the late Mozambique president Samora Machel, and the current Zimbabwe president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – but, no Mugabe.

Possibly, that should not be particularly shocking, especially considering that this is a party that has never had a constitutional and peaceful transfer of power, since its inception on 8 August 1963 – with the founding president Ndabanan’i Sithole being toppled by Mugabe, and then Mugabe himself falling prey to Mnangagwa in a military coup d’etat.

Mugabe, for his part, was known to have virtually “disinherited” Sithole from any liberation struggle legacy – in fact, subjecting him to unending persecution and torment. And, Mnangagwa appears to be doing the same to a dead Mugabe.

Thus, if ZANU PF itself does not even respect and honour liberation struggle heroes and heroines – even abandoning them to the caprices of poverty and shame, whilst obliterating others from the history books – how are ordinary Zimbabweans supposed to know who to respect and honour?

We are not even sure if Mnangagwa and his current crop of leaders will still be regarded as heroes and heroines in a few years time – given ZANU PF’s undemocratic tradition of never exercising the smooth and peaceful transfer of power.

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