Zanu-PF here to stay: Mohadi 

Zanu-PF here to stay: Mohadi 

Source: Zanu-PF here to stay: Mohadi | The Herald June 8, 2018

Zanu-PF here to stay: Mohadi
VP Mohadi

Cletus Mushanawani in Mbire
THe fusion of old and new blood among zanu-pf candidates for the harmonised elections shows the party is there for posterity, says Vice President Kembo Mohadi. Addressing hundreds of zanu-pf supporters at Mahuwe Business Centre in Mbire yesterday, VP Mohadi said the ruling party was there to stay and leaders should identify themselves with the electorate.

“Do not be misled by fly-by-night political parties that are saying zanu-pf is finished. If you look at the composition of our candidates for the forthcoming elections, it shows that the party is there for posterity. The party is greater than individuals, that is why some of the leaders fell by the wayside during primary elections and Operation Restore Legacy earlier.

“Yes, we have military backgrounds as your leaders, but this is not a junta Government as some people like to call it. Just like a jackal which howls when the moon rises, let the MDC continue howling while the people’s party fulfils its electorate promises,” said VP Mohadi.

He said all those who lost in the primary elections should bury the hatchet and work with the winning candidates.
“Disgruntlement is not new in the party, but the primary elections are now a closed chapter. We should look into the future and work with the winning candidates.

“We have realised that the internal democracy brought so many individuals to the party. We are discovering that some of them have criminal records, while some of them were not even in the structures.

“In Matabeleland South, one of the winning candidates was last week disqualified after it was realised that he was using his Facebook account to denigrate the party and its leadership. However, I want to make it clear that there is no longer any time for primary elections. Let us accept the results and move forward,” he said.

VP Mohadi urged all aspiring candidates to be listening leaders and work for the people.
“Let us come up with people-oriented programmes. I want to urge all aspiring candidates that they should not force their programmes down the people’s throats. You have the trust and mandate of the people to lead and the same people can remove you from office,” he said.

“In this new political dispensation, we are saying we want deliverables, not slogans. MPs and ministers should know that the electorate has various expectations from them. If they fail to deliver, we will not hesitate to wield the axe against them.

“Us as your leaders, we are also subjects to public scrutiny. If you say no to our leadership, come congress, you are free to chuck us out,” he said.

VP Mohadi warned those harbouring the bhora musango mentality to put the party first.
“We recently had a reconciliation workshop which was done to heal the wounds and bruises of our primary elections. I have heard that the leadership here is worried about the conduct of Minister of State for Mashonaland Provincial Affairs, Advocate Martin Dinha whom they said is disgruntled about the outcome of primary elections in Mazowe North.

“Do not worry about him because he will not do anything that will undermine the party. Let us preach the unity, peace and love gospel,” said VP Mohadi.

Earlier on Politburo member, Cde Kenneth Musanhi, had said: “Vice President, Minister Dinha is disgruntled about the outcome of the primary elections. He is giving us headaches as the provincial leadership. As the leadership, we are not manufacturing any issues against him. Please help us to put the record straight over the issue of primary elections.”