Zanu-PF holds inter-district meetings

Source: Zanu-PF holds inter-district meetings | The Herald 02 FEB, 2019

Zanu-PF holds inter-district meetings
Godwills Masimirembwa

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
Zanu-PF Harare Province is holding inter-district meetings today to update its members on the current socio-political and economic developments in the country. In an interview yesterday after addressing a meeting at the Zanu-PF Harare provincial headquarters, provincial chairperson Cde Godwills Masimirembwa said the ruling party was alive.

“The purpose of this meeting was basically to tell our party members that Zanu-PF is alive in Harare province. Zanu-PF is the ruling party. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is in full control of the State machinery and therefore we should continue to reinvigorate party structures.

“We were also talking to them about preparations for tomorrow where we are going to hold constituency inter-district meetings. In Harare we want to emphasise party structures. We want to revive them and so our inter-district meetings are going to be at constituency level so that they are a few numbers of districts and we can make an audit as to whether those districts actually exist,” he said.

Cde Masimirembwa applauded President Mnangagwa for bringing a reliable, vibrant and efficient public transport system.

“Fares have been reduced. The nation is no longer being held to ransom by commuter omnibus operators,” he said.

Greedy commuter omnibus operators had unilaterally doubled or even trebled fares on urban routes. This saw Government introducing conventional buses to ferry commuters at reasonable fares. Cde Masimirembwa also spoke about an operation to rid the city of illegal structures including tuckshops.

“First of all, we must situate it correctly, it is not President Mnangagwa’s Government which created this mess. It is the MDC-run councils which created the mess in urban centres.

“So the clean-up is to try and put things in order so that at the end of the day we have better cities. So we were educating our party members that some things might appear to be difficult but what the President is doing and the President’s vision is to make sure that Harare province is revamped in terms of service delivery,” he said.

“We want to be able to buy bread in shops, cooking oil in shops, mealie meal in shops, not in tuckshops and it will then be possible also to monitor those big shops to make sure that prices are not exorbitant. So essentially this is the message we are going down with to party inter-district. We must solely rally behind our President.”

He urged Zanu-PF members not to be intimidated by MDC Alliance’s rogue supporters.

“We must not be afraid. We are the governing party, our President is in power and we must be proud. We must demonstrate it by wearing party regalia and we must give information of any mischief makers to our security services,” said Cde Masimirembwa.