Mnangagwa accuses West of ‘backing violence’ in Zimbabwe 

Source: Mnangagwa accuses West of ‘backing violence’ in Zimbabwe | News24

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday accused western countries of supporting violent countrywide protests in January that were sparked by a huge rise in fuel prices.

At least 12 civilians died and hundreds more were injured following a joint police and military crackdown on protesters after shops were looted and set on fire.

“We regret the loss of life but we needed to protect property as well as other citizens not involved in the protests,” Mnangagwa told local reporters.

“We have told the western countries that they cannot turn around and raise concerns when they are the ones sponsoring the violence,” the privately-owned NewsDay newspaper quoted Mnangagwa as saying.

Authorities have blamed the protests on the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party and on non-governmental organisations that they said were backed by western governments.

When he took over from Robert Mugabe in 2017, Mnangagwa pledged to revive the moribund economy and attract foreign investment by ending the country’s international isolation.

Police have arrested more than 1100 people, including opposition lawmakers, trade unionists and even some children as part of the crackdown, which has been criticised by the US, the European Union and Britain as well as by rights groups.

Mnangagwa, who won a disputed election in July, also announced a package of measures for state workers after strikes by doctors and teachers over poor pay.


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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    Ed is lying again of course. The western countries did not support the violent countrywide protests after the crazy rise in our petrol price. They just condemned the brutality and wickedness of our police and soldiers in their reaction to the protests.

    And of course, there was no mention of any condemnation from ED’s old friends in the East and North East as they were in full support of what our soldiers and police were doing. They were simply doing what their own soldiers and police do as when their leaders think it’s necessary to keep themselves in power.

    Has ED ever wondered why there are so many of us exiled Zimbabweans in these so-called western countries and none in the countries in the East and North East that he likes to propose? Like, for example, Belarus where he bought those 500 1950 vintage busses that no other country wanted, even for free.

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    Flick 3 years ago

    Mugabe2 strikes again with his big mouth and the old adage IT’S NOT MY FAULT.