Zanu-PF Mash Central promises 400k votes 

Zanu-PF Mash Central promises 400k votes 

Source: Zanu-PF Mash Central promises 400k votes | The Herald February 9, 2018

Cde Kazembe

Cde Kazembe

Cletus Mushanawani Mashonaland Central Bureau
ZANU-PF in Mashonaland Central has promised 400 000 votes for the party and its Presidential candidate Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa in this year’s harmonised elections.

Welcoming President Mnangagwa and his entourage to the province at Siyalima Primary School in Guruve on Wednesday, zanu-pf provincial chairman Cde Kazembe Kazembe said they wanted to surpass the previous elections record of 320 000 people who voted for the ruling party.

Cde Kazembe who is now known as KKHP (Kazembe Kazembe Huya Pano) after being summoned to the podium for an ear bashing by the former First Lady Grace Mugabe during one of the infamous Presidential Youth Interface rallies in Bindura last year, said the province was geared for a sweeping victory for the ruling party.

“Records show that more than 500 000 people have registered as voters here in Mashonaland Central and we are confident that we will surpass the 320 000 voters record set during the previous elections.

“We are targeting not less than 400 000 voters for President Mnangagwa and the party in this province. We are happy with our leader here, Cde Parrence Shiri, who is always preaching the gospel of unity and peace. His leadership qualities have given us a new direction and we are now rejuvenated. We are ready to deliver in this year’s harmonised elections,” he said.

Cde Kazembe said although they were happy with the large turnout during the biometric voter registration exercise, some potential voters failed to register due to a variety of reasons ranging from failure to acquire long birth certificates to being labelled as aliens.

“Some potential voters failed to register due to a number of reasons, which we hope the country and party’s leadership will address. People here like zanu-pf so much and will never betray the party. We are working together with all party structures to ensure that our membership is geared for the elections. Most members here do not have the party regalia and we request the leadership to avail it as soon as possible. We want to raise the election tempo to another level,” he said.

Cde Kazembe hailed Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for the role they played in executing the peaceful transition. Dr Chiwenga received a rousing welcome in Mashonaland Central.

“The people here are so ever grateful for the role played by our ZDF and you can tell from the rousing welcome that our Vice President Chiwenga received from the people here,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, national political commissar Retired Lieutenant-General Engelbert Rugeje thanked Mashonaland Central Province for supporting Operation Restore Legacy.

“This area has a rich history of the liberation struggle. You were the pioneers of the Second Chimurenga. This province was the home of the Percy Ntini and Mbuya Nehanda sectors and you have never betrayed the party. The same spirit of unity and peace should continue prevailing. Let bygones be bygones. We do not want any retribution to G40 members. There should be no violence before, during and after the harmonised elections. Unity should be our guiding principle,” he said.


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    Ndebele 5 years ago

    Well done Cletus! You are a legend! I wonder who will be stuffing the ballot boxes and “counting” the ballots! Please ask Mr. Mzembi for 6 farms, 3 Borrowdale Mc Masinons and two Mercedes Benz limos for your contribution. Then ask Prof Scoones for a doctorate like Grace did.