Zanu-PF MP Mpofu buried 

Source: Zanu-PF MP Mpofu buried | The Herald

Zanu-PF MP Mpofu buried
Cde Alum Mpofu

Victor Maphosa

Herald Reporter

 Mberengwa South legislator Cde Alum Mpofu (Zanu-PF), who died this week of kidney failure, was buried on Wednesday at his rural home in Gwarava, Mberengwa.

Cde Mpofu, who reportedly had a long history of kidney problems, collapsed at his home in Masvingo on Monday and was pronounced dead on admission at a local hospital.

Relatives and politicians, including Government officials, thronged the late legislator’s rural home to pay their last respects.

Early this month, Cde Mpofu moved a motion to enact a law that prohibits any Zimbabwean from communicating false information that harms the country’s interests.

He said he was concerned that the negative portrayal of the country’s image and reputation had an adverse and crippling impact on the country’s economic prospects, especially on tourism, investment, and the welfare of the vulnerable such as youths, women and the disabled.

Cde Mpofu noted that other jurisdictions, recognising the need to preserve their image and soft power in a competitive global village, enacted laws that bar citizens from engaging in unpatriotic activities and communication intended to denigrate the integrity of their homeland.