Zanu-PF Postpones Party Elections as Factionalism Worsens

via Zanu-PF Postpones Party Elections as Factionalism Worsens by Blessing  Zulu 08.11.2013 VOA Zimbabwe

The Zanu-PF Central Committee is expected to meet next week to discuss the intensifying factionalism in the party ahead of crucial elections in December and next year.

Serious divisions have forced the party to postpone provincial elections in all but two provinces. Elections were held in Manicaland and Midlands provinces but they have divided the party even further as the candidates who lost, Monica Mutsvangwa in Manicaland, and Larry Mavhima in midlands have appealed to party bosses to nullify the elections claiming they were rigged.

Contestants in the elections are complaining about shambolic voters’ rolls, rigging, vote buying and intimidation.

Mutsvangwa and Mavhima are said to be aligned to a faction led by Defense Minister Emerson Mnangagwa, who is involved in a turf war with Vice President Joyce Mujuru.

The two have however vehemently denied that they are factional leaders.

Zanu-PF sources told VOA Studio 7 that the party is expected to elevate chairman Simon Khaya Moyo to second deputy secretary and automatically the country’s second vice president. But this is being resisted by some senior officials in the party who want to challenge him. But should Khaya Moyo be elevated, the influential position of chairman will be contested, fanning factional fights in the party.

Political analyst and Media Centre director Earnest Mudzengi said failure to openly discuss Mr. Mugabe’s successor is the cause for factionalism in the party.



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    Dog eat dog! Now that the dogs are at each others throats and mulling each other the game gets more exciting and more intertaining as they rage on each other ZANU never ceases to amuse and down the drain they go them thieves incorrigible incompetent malcontents.

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    No money no honey, no Martini, no party.