Election promises haunt Zanu PF

via Election promises haunt Zanu PF November 10, 2013 by Dumisani Sibanda NewsDay

Zanu PF promises made during the run-up to the July 31 elections have come back to haunt President Robert Mugabe and his party.

Addressing the Zanu PF central committee yesterday in Harare, President Mugabe admitted that failure to fulfil the promises would raise dust among the people.

“We have got to start work, travel less, meet less and more action, more action, more action and that’s Zanu PF, otherwise the people will say to us ‘you said you were going to fulfil these pledges, you are not fulfilling them’,” President Mugabe said.

In a bid to come up with a blueprint to action the pledges made to the people, Zanu PF crafted what they term ZimAsset which President Mugabe said had to be actioned now.

“ZimAsset must start unfolding and unfolding immediately . . . ,” President Mugabe urged his party members.

Zanu PF pledged a lot to the electorate during the run up to the elections, chief among them economic revival, job creation and pay rise for civil servants, which have since not materialised.

In the run up to the harmonised elections, Zanu PF’s promises included the creation of

2 265 million jobs over the next five years, but more jobs have been lost since the polls as companies are closing down or retrenching workers because of the harsh economic climate.

Thus, President Mugabe, aware that nothing has been done so far, said people will soon begin to ask questions. “People will say what’s happening in agriculture? No change. In industries, the factories are not coming up. The mining sector has not been organised, our roads are still the same, railways still the same, Air Zimbabwe still the same. Where is your ZimAsset which you preached to us?”

In apparent reference to civil servants, President Mugabe admitted that they have been exploiting them for too long.

“ . . . we also have to take care of our worker that is why yesterday we decided that the poverty datum line must be the lowest salary and other salaries and wages build on that. This is because over the years we have really exploited the worker. We have done him down and its effects were obvious, look at the number of children who are dropping out of school before getting to Form Four because their parents cannot afford to pay school fees,” he said.

On Thursday, Zanu PF’s Soviet-style politburo agreed that the lowest paid civil servant’s salary should be pegged in tandem with the poverty datum line.

In an apparent admission of his government’s failure, President Mugabe said: “Look at the situation of unemployment, look at even the dilapidation in our schools and hospitals. We have got to correct that.

Don’t tell us you don’t have the money. No,” said the veteran leader. He also took a swipe at the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC)for its lethargic approach to the diamond mining operations.

He said the ZMDC, which had partnered with some foreign companies to mine diamonds, was letting the country down.

“What is our ZMDC doing? It doesn’t seem to be present in the management of these operations at all.

It’s folding its arms and waiting to be given a dividend.”

He added: “It’s quicker to have money from gold than from diamonds” urging his government to quickly legitimise gold panners to ensure all the gold mined goes through Fidelity Printers to plug smuggling loopholes.

There has been an outcry against panners because of the haphazard manner in which they have carried out their operations resulting in serious land degradation.

President Mugabe, however, said: “Organise Makorokozas (illegal gold panners) under our SMEs and let them do their alluvial mining properly, but not on rivers as we saw them do on Mazoe and other rivers. No, that damages our rivers.”



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    Washumba 9 years ago

    I agree with u ZMDC are letting us down I suggest we must start by changing its name for things to happen

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Peter tosh 9 years ago

    Bomborasclaat, weh unnu deh all d while? Cho!

  • comment-avatar
    Anold Anderson 9 years ago

    No child will grow on a day all life has to undergo stages its too early judge them after three years and see whether the child remains at the same stage of growth then we know that we voted for a disabled party. Come on guys we worn them out in bush so let us pull our socks up although our internal and external detractors are busy to press us down but check our record let us be united and fight back each minute and each second.

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    holy moyo 9 years ago

    We miss Ian Smith
    He never murdered his own people.
    He was not a thief like Mugabe and his thugs.
    Despite sanctions The Rhodesian dollar was equal to the British pound and more than any African currency.
    We dont eat Sovereinity which is only for Mugabe,his thieving ptostitute Grace Goreradza and his Group of Henchman.
    All zimbabweans born after 1980 now believe poverty is part of life.
    May God have Mercy on this gang of murderous.Genocidal Looters led by this Geriatric Satanic,dinosaur Robbery Mugabe..Who has bled Zimbabwe white and made us refugees and laughing stock of the world with his zillion dollar notes.
    From Vancouver its Holy Moyo.

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    mutakura 9 years ago

    Anold anderson you are a fool

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Mugabe wants to come clean, then let him set an example and cough up all the riches he stole, and start investigations to locate and recover the remainder. With those funds, international loans could be paid, and the foreign lending could resume. That would kick-start the economy by bringing industry and returning paying employment.

    If he’s unwilling, then it’s just an old goat muttering to hear himself heard. He has no love for Zim or the people, or the promises made… his only care is for his bank account and luxuries. Mugabe and the JOC are an evil empire served by their ZANUPF minions. Years passes quickly, and in almost no time they will leave all those riches and be with their Master… in eternal torment.

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Its all very well posturing but unfortunately to solve a problem, you have to first understand and accept the roots of its origin. If the problem resides in poor/outdated leadership and bankrupt economic policies, tinkering at the manifestations of the problem will get you nowhere. e.g. You have lost popularity because of poor national economic performance. Do you focus on self-criticism, re-alignment of policies and leadership renewal? Or do you look outward for real and/manufactured enemies, marshalling your scarce resources towards destroying the opposition, intimidating voters and subverting the outcome of elections? You are fooling only the foolish with these window-dressing speeches, sekuru.

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    chimusoro 9 years ago

    We need to grab the businesses to raise the capital needed for our “Thrust Forward.” LOL

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    Chimusoro you have been grabbing things for the last years and where has it got Zimbabwe. The bible calls it theft and tells us a curse will rest on the house of the thief. My parents taught me to work hard and honestly and to look after those less fortunate. What happened to that sort of integrity, No wonder Zimbabwe flails around in thick mud

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    msizeni silwelani 9 years ago

    “The railway still the same”, says Mugabe. True between Dabuka and Harare and Dabuka and Bulawayo, i hear they say so. You have lost both logic and memory. We know where and how we lost our balls, hence we are playing plastic ones when we had developed past that.

    Can we still agree planting a mango tree with Mugabe? No, he would rather go for short season vegetable like rape, hence legalise makorokoza.

    The man wants to keep us poor so we remain his captive supporters looking up to Grace’s grocery handouts come election time. Create a conducive political environment, we develop ourselves without a sense of guilty or racial/tribal inferiority.

    Does the politiburo really debate when Mugabe is in the chair? Our worker the public office bearers coming up at a Zanu pf politiburo caucus instead of the cabinet meeting? Our CIO once controled mealie-meal queues sold at Govt complexes. Everything is confused Mr President, as for you, i spare you my anger, memory and creativity has escaped your head, not your liking, but old age, which is natural is upon you.

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    easily fooled 9 years ago

    The man is now a good story teller and a good grandpa, baby-sitting his mindless cabinet including Prof JM. They must not give execuses of NO MONEY…….we want ACTION! ACTION AND ACTION. The first action starts with China-masses spelling out the budget, allocating it and funding the budget…..the reason why DOCTOR GIDHION GONO ended up printing trillions was because he did not want to be “BOOKISH”……that expenses must tally with revenue available. No i can see, Doctor Gidza went to same school as His Excellence, the First Family, oops, First Father, the Secretary of Zim or ZPF, the Commander in Chief, the Chancellor of all 13 universities, the first farmer in Mazoe Zimbabwe – Gushungo diaries….the most richest man in Zimbabwe….and so on

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    Bruce 9 years ago

    All money from gold and diamond is in Mpfofu and Mugabe’s pockets.

  • comment-avatar
    Angel 9 years ago

    Bloody liars, where are the 1.000.000 jobs ?

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    Pastor 9 years ago

    Regarding the establishment of governments and their leaders, the Bible states that “the powers that be are ordained [appointed] of God” (Rom. 13:1). It also states that God “changes the times and the seasons: He removes kings, and sets up kings: He gives wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:21; see also 4:17, 25).Why would the Creator allow such governments of men—monarchies, totalitarian states, brutal religious regimes, lascivious democracies—to rise to power? Why would He permit suffering to run rampant among innocent civilians and children? Why doesn’t God intervene? The answer—which millions of professing believers fail to grasp—is simple: This is not God’s world. For the last 6,000 years of human existence, our Creator has allowed men to do “that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). The lasting peace, joy, security, prosperity and sense of purpose that all long for continue to be an unattainable dream because human beings do not know how to govern themselves. Governments of communism, socialism, monarchies, dictatorships and democracies have all failed under the guidance of human hands. Zimbabwe is no different. In some ways, it is a study in failure. The Bible is almost entirely a message about a coming world government. Everywhere Christ went, He preached—announced—the coming of the kingdom of God. He explained that it would be a world-ruling government that would smash and replace all the governments of men. He brought exciting, thrilling good news, in advance of its arrival. He spoke of a utopian, wonderful world tomorrow—now imminent—explaining how many would qualify to rule with Him. God has a Master Plan! No man could ever think of it, or bring it to pass if he did. Yet it will solve every problem related to overpopulation, pollution, and production, procurement and distribution of food and water. It will involve a complete change in entire weather patterns around the earth, including ocean currents, jet streams and flow of arctic air. Beautiful, clear water will be available—and in abundance—in all parts of the world. The nature of mountain ranges, islands and even placement of continents will allow a repopulation of earth simply inconceivable to modern planners of cities and nations. Though the current situation for Zimbabweans is dire, hope remains. Man cannot solve his ever-growing problems, but his Creator can—and will! Today’s governments and their imperfect economies, educational systems and societies will soon be replaced by a perfect world-ruling super government—the kingdom of God