Zanu PF supporter in court for farm grab 

Source: Zanu PF supporter in court for farm grab – The Southern Eye

A Zanu PF member was back in court last week on charges of leading a farm invasion in Umguza, Matabeleland North province.

The suspect Enerst Buseti was arrested early this year after he led a group of more than 200 people to occupy a farm owned by Allister Michael Fletcher at Umvutcha.


Buseti allegedly went to allocate the party supporters’ stands at the farm.

He appeared in court before Bulawayo magistrate Shepherd Mjanja. His lawyer Bartholomew Mandire said his client was removed from remand as the state could not commence trial.

Buseti denied charges of invading the farm claiming the government had given them offer letters. He accused Fletcher of overstaying at the farm after it was acquired by the government.

“We approached  the Minister of Lands who came to our rescue but the complainant here is Fletcher who is also being accused of overstaying at the farm and our case fell off,’’ Buseti said.

“We lost a lot of property during the evictions including our livestock.”

Reports indicate that the land was erroneously declared agricultural land instead of municipality land.