Zanu PF to shame sloppy ministers

Source: Zanu PF to shame sloppy ministers | The Herald

Zanu PF to shame sloppy ministers
Cde Chinamasa

Political Editor

ZANU PF will not hesitate to name and shame ministers sleeping on the job as Zimbabwe starts implementing National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) meant to contribute towards making the country an upper middle-class economy by 2030.

President Mnangagwa recently launched a five-year economic blueprint that succeeds the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) that ran from October 2018 to the end of this year.

Addressing a special press conference that reflected on Operation Restore Legacy of November 2017, that ushered in a developed focused New Dispensation, Zanu PF acting spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa said the country was in safe hands under the unifying and progressive stewardship of President Mnangagwa.

“There is a need now to effectively focus on implementation, implementation, implementation. The success of the NDS1 will depend on effective implementation.

“Zanu PF will throughout the implementation period keep a stern eye on Ministries, Government departments, parastatals and other State institutions and agencies responsible for implementation of various facets of the National Development Strategy 1 and will not hesitate to name and shame those ministers and state institutions and agencies considered to be sleeping on the job and being lax in the implementation of NDS1,” he said.

Cde Chinamasa further said; “His Excellency the President has to be applauded for coming up with this economic document which aims at creating a prosperous Zimbabwe with an economic growth of 5 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate per annum, thus joining Africa fastest growing economies.”

“Over the past few years Africa has been home to some of the fastest growing economies and we are happy that through effective implementation of this document and our concerted efforts, Zimbabwe will be counted among the top.”


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    Have we heard right. ZanuPF implementing another strategy to enhance us all. Being waiting well over 40 years for a better life and so far nothing . In fact we are all worse off than an animal in the bush.