Zibagwe RDC drills 10 new boreholes 

Source: Zibagwe RDC drills 10 new boreholes | The Herald 18 OCT, 2019

Zibagwe RDC drills 10 new boreholes

Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent

Zibagwe Rural District Council has allocated a huge chunk of its devolution funds to drilling of 10 new boreholes and the rehabilitation of existing ones as the local authority looks for solutions to water challenges in the district.

Zibagwe RDC chief executive officer Mr Farayi Machaya said the rural local authority had so far received $1,6 million for devolution, which was aimed at alleviating water challenges.

He said to date, working closely with the District Development Fund (DDF), they had drilled 10 new boreholes across the district and repaired as many.

“We targeted mostly water and sanitation and we have since drilled 10 new boreholes so far using the devolution funds as per our 2019 budget. We have also managed to acquire accessories and that have seen at least three boreholes being repaired in all the 33 wards,” he said.

In line with Government’s directive, Zibagwe has also targeted traditional leaders’ homesteads, where three boreholes were sunk.

“We have Chiefs Gwesela, Ntabeni and Samambwa, who got new boreholes at their homesteads in line with ministry’s directive,” he said.

Mr Machaya said some of the funds were also used to improve healthcare system and the education sector.

“Government is in overdrive talking about infrastructure development, a move that saw us building two clinics and some classroom blocks.

“We have about three classroom blocks under construction which are at various stages of completion.

“The one that has made significant progress is Fafi, whose toilet has been completed and the main structure has reached window level,” said Mr Machaya.

Two schools — Hunters Primary and Bari Masvosve Primary — had a classroom block under construction each.

“We are looking forward to completing the construction soon as 80 percent of the material has been purchased.

“We have already engaged builders for the classroom blocks, while we also have some more schools that might need to be constructed as we receive more funding,” said Mr Machaya.