Zim has leadership crisis, not financial: Mangoma 

Zim has leadership crisis, not financial: Mangoma 

Source: Zim has leadership crisis, not financial: Mangoma – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 18, 2018

ZIMBABWE has no financial crisis, but suffers from leadership and management crisis due to endemic corruption associated with the ruling Zanu PF top officials, Coalition for Democrats (Code) leader Elton Mangoma has said.


Mangoma, who is also the leader of Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe, said Zanu PF imported campaign vehicles, sound systems, T-shirts and material worth $70 million, while the economy, service delivery and the health sector were tottering on the brink of collapse. He said some of the material was still to be delivered.

“One-hundred and thirteen branded vehicles recently passed through Zimra without paying duty thus depriving the country exercise duty and Value Added Tax of $1,3 million,” he posted on his Facebook page yesterday.

“The government says it has no forex for importing medical drugs, raw materials and water treatment chemicals, yet $70 million is paid of material that could have been supplied locally. They talk of creating jobs yet 113 vehicles are branded in a hidden warehouse in Johannesburg by an Indian company. What about giving the job to 10 branding companies in Zimbabwe?” he wrote.

The former Energy minister said all 10 provincial hospitals lacked ambulances and accident victims died on the scene in highways due to loss of blood, yet a party uses State funds from a corrupt airline deal to buy campaign vehicles.

The campaign material importations have happened as nurses embarked on a strike on Monday right on the heels of the just-ended doctors’ strike, crippling the health sector. They are demanding better working conditions and remuneration.

“For those who blame sanctions, are these sanctions? For those who say opposition is immature, is this the maturity you want? For those who say ED [President Emmerson Mnangagwa] is different and he needs time, do you have hope?” Mangoma asked rhetorically.

“It took [former President] Robert Mugabe 37 years to ruin Zimbabwe, but at this rate, ED will do it in less than two years. Zanu will never repent. Open your eyes and think than be used or get emotional while poverty knocks on your door.”

Contacted for comment, Zanu PF national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said Mangoma was not the ruling party’s spokesperson and must not be taken seriously.
“Whatever he says, he is not Zanu PF spokesman. He is not our spokesperson and must not be taken serious,” he said.

The country is gearing for elections this year and political parties have since started their campaign trails.