Zimbabwe: Global intercessors pray for Mnangagwa’s First 100 Days

A non-denominational group calling itself Global Intercessors has taken to social media with a campaign to encourage people all over the world to pray for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s First Hundred Days.

Every day they send out a specific prayer topic. Some recent ones are: Day 16 “The Bible calls on us to actively meet the needs of #orphans and #widows. In our nation orphans are marginalized lacking food, education, healthcare. Let us choose to take up the #responsibility to help orphans and widows in our families and communities.”

Day 15 “Today We Give #Thanks! We have seen many positive changes thus far that we yearned for: Government’s promises to stamp out corruption, liberty to express ourselves, fiscal discipline & respect for the law.  Pray these changes are genuine & enduring.”

Day 13 “Limited employment opportunities, liquidity challenges & economic instability has led to extreme levels of youth poverty. Pray for strategic forward thinking plans that’ll turn the economy around with a thriving manufacturing sector & employment for the youth.”

Day 9 “Don’t allow yourself to be afraid or discouraged. Whether you agree or disagree with the new cabinet, remember our hope isn’t in a President or political party. Our hope isn’t in riches or military might. Our Hope is in Christ Jesus the way the truth & the life.”

“We will not cease to pray for #Zimbabwe. Every prayer counts! If you have a heart to see Zimbabwe #transformed & like us you believe in the Power of the Word of God. Sign up for daily prayer points: #Website: http://www.global-intercessors.com/register” Says the group, which also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.


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    Kutama 7 years ago

    Considering that this is the man that was a part of the Crocodile Gang that murdered Piet Oberholzer in 1964 and then he was Minister of State Security some twenty years later when he was a part of the Fifth Brigade going into Matabeleland where 20 000 more murders occurred – this seems a worthy cause. But – what happens if he continues to be part and parcel of another similar campaign? Do we pray harder – or do we say an eye for eye? The man that led the Fifth Brigade is now the Minister of Agriculture – this is certainly Tough Love?

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    No good praying, God doesn’t do politics; Wise Guy, he has private arrangement with the boiler house man, in the basement.