Zimbabwe Power Utility Warns of Increased Power Cuts on Sunday

Source: Zimbabwe Power Utility Warns of Increased Power Cuts on Sunday – Bloomberg

Zimbabwe’s power utility warned of increased power cuts on Sunday after it lost 251 megawatts from its Hwange power station.

“Three generator units tripped at Hwange power station this morning,” Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Co. said on its Twitter account. “Load shedding has now increased significantly and we are now implementing stage 2” power cuts outside the normal schedule.

Blackouts in Zimbabwe already last as much as 18 hours a day and the country spends $23 million monthly on power imports, according to the energy regulator.


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    You spent your money on foolish things, dodgy secondhand aircraft, flying geriatrics around the world, Expensive vehicles, letting yourselves be robed. etc. Now enjoy what you do not have. Do not expect others to bail you out, this is ALL of your own making. There must be something about the mentality of the population to suppose that not pending money on worn out infrastructure is the right thing to do. welcome to the Dark ages

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      ace mukadota 11 months ago

      Primitive ZANUPf govt know no better – warlords rule ZW today comrade

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    When will people realise that the entire structure of ZANU PF needs to be dismantled. And a new party allowed to bring change and a new lease of life to our country