Zimbabwe women raped as government crackdown continues 

Six women tell the BBC they were raped by security forces as part of a government crackdown.

Source: Zimbabwe women raped as government crackdown continues – BBC News

The government in Zimbabwe is continuing its crackdown following recent protests against a 150% fuel tax increase.

The BBC’s Andrew Harding has spoken to victims of sexual and violent assault at the hands of the security services.

Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa says the government does not condone such behaviour and has urged women to report cases of alleged rape to the police.


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    Constable Ndebele 3 years ago

    We need to remind our dear friends of Zanu like Boris Johnson, Cyril Ramaposa and Lord Hain that this is nothing new for  Zanu. Zanu has been raping and pillaging, torturing and murdering for over 50 years. I was reading reports from over 40 years ago describing the Zanu murder of Headmen, Chiefs and School teachers near Masvingo to instill terror into the poor people. It is all well documented. In some cases the victims throats were slit and on others the sons were forced to decapitate their father. 
    “Lovely people Zanu” the likes of Lord Soames would boast and gloat – and then  Thatcher, Fraser and Carrington had the arrogance to say that they had solved the problem with installing Zanu into Zimbabwe?
    And now in Round 2 – the British Government endorses ED, Chiwenga and Shiri who did all the dastardly deeds in the first place. 
    I wonder what these fellows smoke in Westminster?