11 535 vote in five constituencies by 2pm in Bulawayo

via 11 535 vote in five constituencies by 2pm in Bulawayo – Southern Eye 11 June 2015 by Silas Nkala

The Bulawayo provincial elections officer, Innocent Ncube, yesterday said as at 2:30pm in five constituencies, only 11 535 people had voted, 4 997 males and 6 538 females.

He said this was against the back drop of 25 373 registered voters at Lobengula constituency, 28 211 registered voters at Luveve, 28 3228 registered voters at Makokoba, 14 828 registered voters at Pelandaba-Mpopoma and 26 448 registered voters in Pumula constituencies.

The figures place registered voters at over 100 000 and the percentage votes as at 2pm shows that only 11,5% registered voters had cast their ballots, exposing a serious voter apathy.

“In the same period, 962 females and 876 males were turned away for going to the wrong wards,” Ncube said.

“The turnout has been very low throughout the day and we cannot tell why people are doing what they are doing.

Maybe given the chance since there was no holiday for them to go and vote that might be the reasons for apathy.”

He said latest figures were yet to be obtained before closing of votes at 7pm.