Adeola makes fun of Jonathan Moyo: TV presenter has last laugh

via Adeola makes fun of Jonathan Moyo: TV presenter has last laugh – Nehanda Radio July 16 2015

Nigerian journalist Adeola Fayehun is clearly having the last laugh in her battle with Zimbabwe’s former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Last month Moyo labeled Adeola and her colleague Omoyele Sowore “brothers and sisters of Boko Haram” and accused them of asking “puerile” questions (childishly silly and immature) when they accosted President Mugabe during the inauguration ceremony of President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, Nigeria.

State newspapers in Zimbabwe at the time controlled by Moyo’s ministry then claimed that Adeola had not only apologized for the interview but that she had been sacked by her employers Sahara TV.

The truth though was that Adeola was never sacked and instead it was Jonathan Moyo a few weeks later who lost the influential information ministry and got demoted to the “quiet corner” of Higher and Tertiary education

Mugabe humiliated Moyo by ejecting him from a cabinet meeting and for two weeks the minister had no idea whether he would remain in cabinet.

Eventually Mugabe announced a cabinet reshuffle in which he demoted Moyo. Many analysts argued the reshuffle was a decoy and that Moyo was the intended target.

In her TV show ‘Keeping it Real with Adeola’, the journalist cheekily tells Moyo “My brother don’t take heart, we will work something out, I’ll let you know if Sahara TV is hiring.”