Behave!, Saviour warns Mnangagwa

via Behave!, Saviour warns Mnangagwa NewZimbabwe 28/01/2016

ZANU PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere has told Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to behave or face the full wrath of Zanu PF which he declared he was fully in charge of as party national commissar.

Speaking at a ground breaking ceremony for a new high school set to be constructed by the Chinese in Hatcliffe, Harare on Wednesday, Kasukuwere said no one should ever dream of becoming President when the incumbent Robert Mugabe was still there.

Since the shock ouster of Vice President Joice Mujuru and several party bigwigs who were silently backing her ascension to presidency, post congress Zanu PF has never seen peace.

VP Mnangagwa, who until a few months ago, looked primed for the most powerful job in the country, has seen his fortunes take a big knock after a party faction commonly referred to as the G40 started throwing banana skins in his wake.

Mnangagwa, who has kept an uncanny silence in a fight he was evidently sponsoring, is believed to be using excitable Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena and a few other allies to kick dust in front of party rivals fighting to torpedo his ambition rise to presidency.

Zanu PF officials aligned to the embattled VP last week publicly posed for pictures wearing T-shirts with the provocative inscription “Team Lacoste”, in apparent reference to the Mnangagwa camp.

But Kasukuwere came guns blazing this week, warning Mnangagwa’s allies they will be dealt with.

“Zanu PF haidhererwe. Those young stars who think they are bigger than the party must be warned; Zanu PF is bigger than you,” Kasukuwere said during an occasion also attended by education minister Lazarus Dokora.

He added, “Vamwe vatungamiri veZanu PF folowai gwara (even those in leadership positions should tore the line); we have one president who is in charge of our country.

Hakuna; zvenyu zvekufamba muchiita mafaction muchitsvaga maleaders between congresses; stop it forthwith (stop trying to find your own leaders outside congress).

“If anybody thinks President Mugabe is now out of his job, you are day dreaming. The president is in charge, he is the one running our country.”

Kasukuwere threatened to descend heavily on party youths who openly donned the Team Lacoste t-shirts in apparent attempt to push Mnangagwa’s presidential ambitions.

So nyaya yenyu yekuuya makapfeka matshirt ehumambara (this cheeky business of donning t-shirts), stop that nonsense; we will not entertain that rubbish and we will be dealing with you.”

The local government minister, who avoided mentioning Mnangagwa’s name, told party rivals he and his group were not intimidated by their rivals, further telling them to stop belittling Zanu PF.

He also warned those harbouring presidential ambitions to wait for the next party congress.

Musafunge kuti tinokutyai. We will not allow this party to be infested, kuda kujairira Zanu PF; hapasi pachuru chekungoita mutserengende kani, takagara tikaconcluda kuti President ndavaMugabe, ndobva tapedza, taakumirira next congress.

Ahh, yekubvomoka iyoo, hapana tambo, hapana race so my message as political commissar of Zanu PF today and I say it with all authority don’t mess around with the party, it doesn’t matter who you are. We will not allow it.”

The public rant against the party’s second in charge is another chilling episode in Zanu PF’s bare-knuckle fight which continues to climax with each passing day.

Information permanent secretary George Charamba, a Mnangagwa ally and higher education minister Jonathan Moyo, a G40 member, on Thursday took time to bad mouth each other on radio and social media as it turns out to be free for all in Zanu PF.


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    Sekuru murehwa 5 years ago

    Mamboti madii muchaoera kubayana. Saka Kasukuwere anofunga kuti nekubayana na Mnangwa zvake zvaita, tikuziva wani kuti he also want to use the platform so that he will rise to that post. unfortunately the next post from being a commisar is death. count those who were before him.