Poll reforms: Biti takes Mugabe to court

via Poll reforms: Biti takes Mugabe to court – NewZimbabwe 28/01/2016

THE opposition People’s Democratic Party says it will soon approach the courts seeking an order to compel President Robert Mugabe to implement electoral reforms.

Demands for the changes have been on the agenda for opposition political parties since the last elections which were held on the 31st July in 2013.

Some of the reforms the opposition want include the adoption of a biometric voting system and a new voters’ roll which they say should be availed to them three months before the election date. They also want to be given equal coverage by the state broadcaster during the campaign period.

Addressing Journalists soon after his party’s management meeting in Harare Thursday, PDP President Tendai Biti said they are working on a lawsuit against government over the delayed electoral reforms.

“We will be going the courts on a number of issues which include the demand for the current voters’ roll,” he said.

“We find it unacceptable that the new constitution makes ZEC the sole custodian of the voters’ roll; but even up to now they do not have custody of that voters’ roll and we find this as unpardonable.

“So we will be raising that in the courts and a number of other things which I have no mandate to anticipate but we will be filing an application around elections.”

Biti said the reluctance by Zanu PF to institute electoral reforms was a ploy to rig the 2018 election.

“By operation of the law elections should be held on 31 July 2018 which is less than 40 months from now and in normal countries that would actually mean that the election season has started,” he said.

“Right up to now ZEC does not still have the 2013 voters’ roll in their computers and they failed to produce it when ZAPU made a successful application in the High Court last year.”


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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    ZanuPF has no plans of handing power to anyone . They will die doing so. They believe like Hitler did that Zimbabwe is theirs alone . Stuff us all.

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    There is no rule of law in Zim, as everyone knows.
    Taking these people to court is therefore a useless exercise at best or a publicity stunt.

    Energy would be better spent mobilising the almost stuporose Zimbo, wake him up to the reality that he has got to save himself and that he has to do something about it.
    Put pressure on these people by striking, demonstrating getting beat, arrested, detained, killed or exiled.
    This is the only way Zanu will notice.

    Man has come back from the East and already he has gone to Addis.
    He don’t care about us nor the Country.

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    Tjingababili 5 years ago


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    CHAMUNORWA 5 years ago

    HAVABVI VANHU AVA NOKUTI VANOTYA KUTI VAKABVA CHAVO CHAVAPERERA.Vanotya mhosva dzekuba,hudzvinyiriri asi kunyanya HUMHONDI. Vanorambirapo vachiti kufa kwemurume hubuda ura. Yes Ngoto Zimbwa uri right. We must be courageous enough to do the Dzamara. Our leaders, vose Tsvangirai, Ncube, Biti vose zvavo vavemowo mumatrenches. Zanu haibve peacefully kana!!!!

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    Yayano 5 years ago

    It may not achieve anything but its still a good move because it highlights the problem.
    Zanu PF being a minority party will do everything it can to hold onto power because it knows that majority of voters will not vote them back again especially with their geriatric lineup that has no clue what to do.
    The noise should be increased around these reforms because the election hangs on them.