Bob drunk when he called me witch, Ex-VP

Bob drunk when he called me witch, Ex-VP – NewZimbabwe 01/03/2016

ZIMBABWE People First President Joice Mujuru says she is not going to “waste” her time responding to several allegations by her former boss, President Robert Mugabe and suggested that the veteran leader could have been drunk when he made the charges.

Mujuru was sacked from government and the ruling Zanu PF party for allegedly plotting to assassinate President Mugabe.

Mugabe and his wife, Grace, have taken turns attacking the former VP and accused her of using witchcraft in the alleged ploy to oust the veteran leader.

However, at her maiden media briefing in Harare Tuesday, Mujuru said she was going to forgive all those who made “imaginative” allegations and accusation against her including, President Mugabe, because “repeating some of these things is retrogressive”.

“I do not harbour (anger over) anything that somebody will have done badly to me,” she said.

“Some of those people maybe did not understand who I am; they were just talking because they were told to say something and if you ask or call him (Mugabe) to come and have a face-to-face discussion with me, he might not be in a position to repeat what he said.

“Because I know others said those things under the influence of toxic substances, so it is not anything that pays anybody to repeat certain things; we have more important things to talk about, discuss about and take the country forward.”

The apologetic former vice President accused her former party of stifling democracy and development and urged Zimbabweans to demand their rights.

“The government of the day has broken the social contract that should exist with the people of Zimbabwe,” she said.