Zim cowards keep Mugabe in power, Ex-PM

Zim cowards keep Mugabe in power, Ex-PM – NewZimbabwe 01/03/2016

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai says “fearful” and “helpless” Zimbabweans have helped President Robert Mugabe remain in power and continue abusing their rights.

Mugabe’s chief political protagonist said this while addressing people who gathered at a Harare hotel Monday night for a prayer meeting marking one year since the disappearance of political activist Itai Dzamara.

“It is time we organise ourselves not just because of Itai, but because of the desperate situation in which we find ourselves in,” said Tsvangirai.

“But also the helplessness with which people are just airing our grievances without any solution insight, and I am asking myself when is this going to end.”

Tsvangirai said he gets angry when he sees people’s rights being violated while able bodied citizens are watching.

“You watched while the nation was being destroyed and we all watched thinking that one day a solution was going to come from somewhere.

“It is not going to come from somewhere other than from the courage, the commitment and the conviction from amongst us and this is what I am pleading with Zimbabweans. When are you going to say enough is enough?”

Tsvangirai has failed to dislodge Mugabe in four consecutive elections since the formation of his MDC in 1999.

The opposition leader and many of his supporters say they have been subjected to state sponsored violence including torture.

“Some of us have been in the tranches for a long time and perhaps we are too old and perhaps we have seen it all, …

“ … but it is time for the young people of this country to say we cannot write off our destiny because of one person; one party and one individual and why should we do that,” said Tsvangirai.

The former premier denies failing to oust Mugabe, accusing the now 92-year-old leader and his Zanu PF party of cheating at elections.

Tsvangirai survived an attempt to force his resignation by frustrated top lieutenants after the MDC-T’s disastrous performance in the 2013 elections.

The disgruntled former colleagues have since left and formed rival opposition parties.