Britain says ready to support Zim

Source: Britain says ready to support Zim – NewZimbabwe 10/06/2016

BRITAIN says President Robert Mugabe should fast track the Zimbabwe-European Union bridge-building process initiated a few years back so that the current cash shortages and economic challenges can be addressed.

Zimbabwe’s economy, which was showing signs of recovery during the tenure of the inclusive government, is now on downward spiral.

Since the end of the unity government of Zanu PF and the MDC formations in 2013, companies have continuously been closing, rendering hundreds of thousands of workers jobless.

Foreign investors are not keen on Zimbabwe owing to inconsistent economic policies government continues to espouse, with continued threatens to seize firms.

Currently, there is no money in the banks and people are sleeping in queues to access their hard earned little salaries.

Addressing government officials, the diplomatic community and civil society members gathered for the Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birth day celebrations, in Harare Thursday, British ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Laing, said the solution to Zimbabwe’s economic problems rests on government’s commitment to the re-engagement process.

“We do encourage the government to accelerate the process of re-engagement with the international community as part of tackling the fundamental economic challenges,” she said.

“We will do as UK what we can to stimulate the economy,” the UK envoy to Harare said.

Zimbabwe and Britain relations have been sour for over 15 years, a development which was triggered by the controversial land reform President Robert Mugabe embarked on in 2000 and was characterised by widespread human rights abuses.

The west accuses Mugabe of violating human and property rights as well as rigging elections. This led to the West imposing sanctions on the veteran leader’s top government officials and companies associated with his Zanu PF party.

Mugabe, however, defends the chaotic land redistribution which he says was meant to redress colonial land imbalances.

“On behalf of the United Kingdom I want to assure Zimbabweans that we are here to support this re-engagement process very actively,” said Ambassador Laing.