Renamo ambushes vehicle on Marromeu-Beira road

Maputo, (AIM) – Gunmen of Mozambique’s rebel movement Renamo on Friday ambushed a vehicle belonging to the public electricity company, EDM, as it was travelling from Marromeu, on the south bank of the Zambezi, to Beira.

Source: Renamo ambushes vehicle on Marromeu-Beira road – The Zimbabwean 13/06/2016

Cited in Saturday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, the spokesperson for the Sofala Provincial Police Command, Daniel Macuacua, confirmed the incident. He said that ten members of the Renamo militia took part in the ambush.

There was nothing remotely political about their actions. They simply stole the possessions of the six occupants of the vehicle. They helped themselves to their victims’ money, mobile phones, documents, and bags containing clothes.

The police also confirmed that on Friday a Renamo gang attacked a group of fishermen travelling along the same road, and stole some of their possessions.

Both these ambushes took place in the region of Inhamitanga, in Cheringoma district. This is the same region where, on Monday and on Wednesday, Renamo opened fire on trains belonging to the Brazilian mining company Vale, injuring one person in each attack. It is thus likely that the attacks on the road and on the railway are the work of the same group.