Moyo officially dumps Tsvangirai

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Moyo officially dumps Tsvangirai 21 September 2014

Makokoba legislator, Gorden Moyo who officially crossed to the MDC Renewal Team said he still has great respect for MDC-T leader and former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

He however, said Tsvangirai now lacked the stamina to continue leading the party.

Moyo said Tsvangirai fought hard to dislodge Zanu-PF from power but should now pass on the baton to others.

“This country will never be written without a chapter of Morgan Tsvangirai. He worked for this country. He tried to shake Zanu-PF and Mugabe but where we have arrived he can’t continue. At Renewal we are honest, and I stand here on behalf of Renewal. He worked hard but we need new ideas, brains and new pairs of feet,” said Moyo, who is now the party’s head of the diaspora and international relations committee.

“I once worked in his office, worked as the party provincial chairman and I respect him but where we are now, we need new ideas. We don’t need only renewal of the leadership but renewal of the economy and everything that we have.”

Moyo said under Tsvangirai’s leadership, the party would always lose crucial elections at the last minute despite working hard.

Moyo said they were disappointed that the MDC-T did not win last year’s election and the economy was now in dire straits under the Mugabe regime.

“We were hopeful that by August 1 2013, we would wake up to a new Zimbabwe and with a new leadership but what we wanted, we didn’t get. We should thank God that he gave us good rains this year otherwise this country would be back to 2008,” he said.

He said the economy was now dead and the ruling party had no clue how to resuscitate it.

Former Bulawayo mayor Thaba Moyo and former MDC-N provincial spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu were some of the new people who have joined the Renewal party.

Moyo and Ndlovu are the party’s national working council member and Bulawayo province vice chairperson respectively.


  • comment-avatar
    mandy 8 years ago

    What do you need new feet for Mr. Moyo?
    I presume you need new feet to
    -run away from your responsibilities as the minister of state enterprises who never did a thing for Zimbabweans in the four years of GNU.
    – run away from the new constitution that Tsvangirai secured for Zimbabweans
    – to run away from the fact of all people you Mr Gorden Moyo have no constituency and will never have a constituency
    – to run away from the fact that you Gorden corruptly secured nomination to stand for Makokoba
    – to run away from reality that you were never MDC T in the first place
    – to run away from your own incompetency Mr. Moyo

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 8 years ago

      Question to you Mandy: You argue Moyo did nothing during his tenure as minister, why then did Tsvangirai keep him? Are you aware that the Prime Minister had the supervisory role over all ministers?

      This constitution that you say Tsvangirai brought us, is this the same one which retains two vice presidents and has some provisions which will only come into effect after a decade.

      I hold no brief for Moyo but criticism of sn individual should not be personal and petty.

  • comment-avatar

    Squabbling childish. Just like zpf lusting after power and its corrupt trappings

  • comment-avatar
    Zvakare 8 years ago

    Gorden Moyo is a gossiper and is empty but masquerading as some mighty one. This guy is useless as they come. He knows nothing about the Diaspora he knows nothing about international affairs. The Renewal team needs renewal themselves.

  • comment-avatar
    BaMatipa 8 years ago

    Run run run Gorden run! The house is burning, run Gorden run! Harvest house is burning, run Gorden run!

  • comment-avatar
    Tanonoka Joseph Whande 8 years ago

    Is it news? Is it important? If he was a nobody while in cabinet why should leaving Tsvangirai be of interest to anyone. Moyo somehow overestimates his personal worthiness. He loves publicity but cannot attract the media because he is just a nobody and means nothing to any party he joins.

    • comment-avatar
      Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

      If he was nothing, then why did you keep him in the MDC-T until he left of his free will; why did you keep him in the GNU Cabinet?

      You are so desperate, you now sound like an greying uneducated villager. Akukhule, ubonise ukuthi usungumntu omdala;instead of throwing all your toys out of the Pram like a sulking baby!!

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 8 years ago

    good riddance

  • comment-avatar

    What are they offering the people ?what new ideas do they have ??

  • comment-avatar
    WeMatongo 8 years ago

    Gorden you are useless. I represent a strategic region in the diaspora. I will campaign heavily against you never to come near our region for I once arranged a meeting with you to come but you failed even to communicate back. I went on to organize foot soldiers with your blessing to help with strategic campaigns in 2008 but on last minute you dumped us. So stay recycled until even Makokoba dumps you into political oblivion. Useless

  • comment-avatar
    Tsuro 8 years ago

    Gorden wisdom tells me leaders are dumped by the people especially at a congress…unless you are telling me that MT cheated to win the Presidency of MDC…Confirm was it not MT who invited you to be a minister in the GNU, despite critism from those who had always active in the party. You do not even have the guts to go for by-elections. Come on Gordon be serious.

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 8 years ago

      Tsuro, are you saying just because Tsvangirai appointed Moyo to be Minister then he has no right to voice his own opinion about leadership in the party? Surely that would mean you are supportive of the fact that those in leadership should be immune from criticism by those they lead? Is that your understanding of democracy?

  • comment-avatar
    kagamba 8 years ago

    Zim politics is cheap the so called renewable team is their vision they failed in MDC T what makes them think they can do better than other good luck you useless losers murikushandiswa na ZANU

  • comment-avatar

    Useless Gorden!! MDC is brand, no matter what people say, the electorate has the final say. For a political party to be successful do you need big names or more voters?? One thing certain is that all these big will be fighting very soon for position. l BET!

    • comment-avatar
      Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

      Very true. Indeed, the electorate had the final say and you lost. Very good that you have been losing since 2000 and you are destined to continue losing until you get rid of you gukurahundi Morgan Mugabe Richard Gabriel Tswangirayi!!

  • comment-avatar
    Ruramai 8 years ago

    Mahlaba, did you find out that Gorden Moyo was useless before or after he said stated he no longer wished to continue being a Tsvangirai loyalist? If Tsvangirai knew that Gorden was useless why was he even made Minister?

    MDC may indeed be, as you say, a brand but Moyo’s view is that Tsvangirai has done his bit and his party could benefit from a change in leadership. That is the point that people should be debating instead of insulting Moyo.

    • comment-avatar
      Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

      Gukurahundis don’t debate; they insult and they label. That is all they know. The word DEBATE does not exist in their Gukurahundi dictionaries.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    99% of the current mps and ministers are useless ,otherwise the economy could have by now shown a bit of improvement.These mps from ruling party and opposition party NEVER disagree when it involves their personal allowances eg none of the opposition mps have spoken against the purchase of these new Rangers.
    The few Byo mps driving these new Rangers are now avoiding me because when I meet them I ask them why they have accepted these costly vehicles when their constituencies are in total poverty.These Bulawayo mps and their councilors are a total failure because they are doing nothing tangible for the city.They have no basic principles except to make quick wealth accumulation.I have no respect for politicians who play double standards at the expense of the unsuspecting poor masses.They arrange meetings and then cancel them at short notice to avoid meeting us.However, they cannot avoid us when we go to their offices,ie plan B to be implemented soon.
    Let them cross floors as many times as they want because they are a confused lot.

  • comment-avatar
    Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

    Well done Moyo, you are a very wise man. Yes, you saw the light and quickly got rid of rubbish before it was too late. Yes, dare I say Tswangirayi and Mugabe are both rubbish; pure Prime Evil in Zim politics.

    We need to move away from tribal politics into the era of modern politics. With these two tribalists, our country will never progress. We want leaders who believe in genuine unity in equality; national unity in diversity.

    We will never agree with their version of UNITY THROUGH ASSIMILATION. You can not convert each and every Zimbabwean into Shona by hook or crook and then turn around to claim you now have National Unity.

    We refuse their version of National Unity and we will resist it with all the might; every sinew in our bodies. This is why both of them are against Devolution; because they believe in straight-jacketing every Zimbabwean through centralised Shona governance in Harare; where they can dictate which Shona to be employed and where.

    We will never accept, come what may. When in Rome, you do what the Romans do – don’t come to Matebeland and start spraying us with your Shona left right and centre; we are not Shona and we will never be.

    We as u Mtwhakazi, never go to Shona provinces spreading Khalanga, Venda, Sotho or Ndebele onto every Shona, including those whom we don’t even know. I repeat we want unity in diversity, as they also have it in South Africa; and we aint going nowhere!!