Zanu PF MP lashes out at govt minister

via Zanu PF MP lashes out at govt minister 20 September 2014

RULING Zanu PF MP for Gokwe Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, has sensationally accused former MP for the area and now Minister in the President’s Office, Flora Buka, of blocking development in the constituency.

Addressing a rally in his constituency recently, Wadyajena said Buka, who was the MP for the area for over a decade, has been informing the electorate not to cooperate with the sitting MP and the president.

Observers said the unprecedented attack on the minister is part of the wider battles for succession and factionalism rocking Zanu PF.

Buka is said to be backing a faction led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru while Wadyajena is in a rival camp led by Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“There is an issue that is worrying me a lot. There was a government programme meant to empower women on Women’s Day that was stopped here by Minister Buka after she phoned police officers misleading them,” he said.

“I don’t know why she does not support government programmes especially those coming from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs headed by Oppah Muchinguri.

“This Women’s Day was a government programme which had nothing to do with me. Does such a person have development at heart?” Wadyajena told the thundering crowd.

“This was a government programme and I feel it is very unfair on the part of the community and women in particular.

“She claims to love the community but what pains me more is that, after succeeding in stopping the programme, she came here and addressed a small rally of not more than 60 women where she forced the police officer in charge to address the rally.

He added: “To me it is an attack on the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and government in total, this is really bad.”

Buka could not be reached for comment on the allegations.

In the run up to the Zanu PF Women’s League conference, Buka was sensationally accused of kidnapping women’s district chairpersons and paying them $100 each per day for 14 days to vote for her at the conference.

Although she won at district level, Buka was trounced at provincial level.

“It is a shame that we have Buka Haram here, do you know Boko Haram? It is a mafia in Nigeria that is kidnapping people; it is what Buka is doing here, kidnapping our women. Down with Buka Haram,” he said.

“Even the president during the women’s league conference mentioned that we have Buka Haram in Gokwe-Nembudziya,” he said.

Villagers also told the meeting that Buka was intimidating them to support Mujuru at the party’s congress in December.

A district youth leader for Nembudziya claimed that Buka has been propping up Mujuru and uses her aides who at times conduct mock-elections pitting Mujuru and President Robert Mugabe.

But Wadyajena said: “Don’t be intimidated by her, she is not the Minister of CIO, in fact she is just a junior minister in the president’s office,” he said.

Addressing the same rally, politburo member and outgoing deputy secretary for youth affairs, Edson Chakanyuka, said Buka should respect the sitting MP and work with him for the development of the constituency.

“We have seen a number of MPs before her but they all came and left the constituency. This young man has come and he needs the support of all of us including our former MP, Senator Buka,” he said.

“We don’t hate her but we are against this idea of having separate party structures and holding secret meetings.”


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    Uneducated fools in zpf – the lot of them. Empty vessels make the most sound remember !!!!!!!!!

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    Mseyamwa 8 years ago

    May you kindly continue to harass each as you have collectively harassed us for decades. Kidnap each other and please rig your oen elections. If needs be, send each other greenbombers to wallop you and feel the whole 9 yards of pain that you have unleashed on us for years. We wil endorse your elections as free and fair and eat your cows at victory celebrations. Do not stop your mess. Pound each other hard and continue to exoose how you have used coercion, violence and rigging to get what you want but do not deserve. Finish it.

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    bayanai, until u feel the pain u ain’t seen nothing yet.Remember,”The evil that mankind do will always come back to hound them”