‘SA must address ‘skewed’ ownership of resources,’ says Mugabe

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | ‘SA must address ‘skewed’ ownership of resources,’ says Mugabe 27 August 2014

South Africa has failed to take the lead in the industrialisation process of other African countries because its economy is still under white control, President Robert Mugabe has reportedly said.

Speaking to African diplomats in China where he is on a week-long visit, Mugabe said Africa would be patient with SA so it could address its skewed ownership of resources for the whole continent to benefit, according to a Herald report.

Mugabe, 90, urged Africa to unite against imperialists, adding that it was important for Africans to add value to their natural resources in order for them to realise full benefits from the same.

Mugabe is in China to secure more investment in his country’s ailing economy.

China’s president Xi Jinping on Monday hailed the veteran leader as a renowned African liberation leader and an “old friend” of the Chinese people. 


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    There is no end to this man’s foolishness. He has single handedly destroyed the economy of his country now he tries to advise his neighbour to copy his wantonness.The country he leads is on it’s knees and he tells the people he is begging from that South Africa has failed to take the lead in the industrialisation process of other African countries” The Chinese are laughing to themselves thinking this is Zimbabwe’s 90 year old version of Trevor Noah (sorry Trevor).

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      Not playing nice – Trevor Noah’s name
      should never be mentioned in the same
      breathe as that geriatric murderer,

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    tired 8 years ago

    Oh dear Zuma, you will face the same wrath as Obama it seems to have something with not playing ball with his sadc policies and not inviting him to your summits – and again he pulls the race card – he can see nothing else through those racist eyes!!

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    Shenanigans 8 years ago

    The math is easy.Just tune into Google for MARTIN RUSHWAYA and u will note that our Permanent Secretary in the ZDF signed a deal between Oldstone Investments of which he is chairman and Africa Sunlight Energy for $2 billion which is needed to get 600MW of power into the grid,build dams etc.Payback will be from Zims minerals royalties,resource depletion taxes and consumer Zesa charges.A BOOT project paid for by Zim taxepayers for the benefit of Zany privateers.Let us go further=our Martin is also a director of Russchrome where a military helicopter deal in the billions was done for platinum resources and then once again Martin features as a director in the Russchrome/Rosstock deal to develop a multibillion platinum deal wth a Rusky Oligarch;at least the Russians will pay for their share.Our Martin is further named in the operations of both Anjin and Mabada,none of which make meaningful returns to the treasury.Are we to believe that our Permanent Secretary in ZDF single handedly yields so much financial power or is he just a pawn in the power game.Obert Mpofu said that he was a son of god.Now we wonder just who this GOD who Obert was referring to may be?

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    Panda moyo 8 years ago

    Shocking that an old man can advise young zuma to send thugs to go about bashing peoples skulls.

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    Eish why won’t it die. W’ve 3 million economic refugees in SA is this excuse of a humman being real???

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    chiremba wemberengwa 8 years ago

    How does SA help SOVEREIGN nations like Zimbabwe who believe in unbelievable empowerment policies which do not work or have wrecked their economies? God help us and save Zimbabwe.

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Any Herr doktor will tell you that madness is a symptom of syphillis

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    Won’t somebody put this guy and ourselves out of the misery he utters. My God this idiot has no bloody end!

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    I think Mugabe is proud of being stupid

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    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    once zanu is gone , we will NOT honour the deals done with the dirty rotten chinese scoundrels

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    Chanisa 8 years ago

    Mugabe must tell us who now owns Zimbabwe’s resources now that we chucked out white people, and how well these resources are performing, and why now he wants to hand them over to the Chinese.

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    Honestly I feel that I just have nothing to say except just laugh especially the notion that Mugabe is proud of being stupid by Thomas

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    ‘South Africa has failed to take the lead in the industrialisation process of other African countries because its economy is still under white control, President Robert Mugabe has reportedly said’

    The question the Chinese should have asked at this point was’ Dear Old Fool/sorry friend if South Africa isn’t leading what does it matter; your economy is in Black hands why don’t YOU lead?

    Why does this old fool want to force his failed land policies down the necks of other African Nations.

    Was his motive to sour relations between China and South Africa and potray himself as the Nunber one destination for Chinese Money???

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    “Proud to be stupid” this comment has made my day well done John Thomas

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    Stingray 8 years ago

    Someone give Cde Mugabe a copy of the constitution of SA please

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Mugabe is forgetting that Zimbabwe used to be the most industrialised country in africa outside South Africa and it did nothing to industrialise Africa besides deindustrialising itself

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    gorongoza 8 years ago

    WHY DID HIS ZIMBABWE NOT TAKE THE LEAD ? Zim was an active industrialised economy in 80s and 90s. what has mugabe done besides destroying all we had…now he wants others to industrialise his country for him. Kwake kuri kusada kutora a lead in industrialising africa that he has to let SA DO IT? He is admitting that akapwanya zvinhu ka? katuzvi kemunhu

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    Mugabe simply and foolishly does not like anything white. Yet he wears white shirts . What a croc.

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    Mandevu 8 years ago

    Interesting observation Bob – when SA’s land restitution program has benefited proportionally more than your own brand of land redistribution over the past 25 years. And what is more, the enterprises associated with that land redistribution have continued to deliver – so stop the bu***hit

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    The gukurahundi should shut up. Mzansi needs no lectures from a failed street thug!!

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    Proud of being stupid, I like!