Chiadzwa diamonds: Bishop Bakare speaks

Source: Chiadzwa diamonds: Bishop Bakare speaks – NewZimbabwe 01/05/2016

THE story of the suffering of the people of Marange has not only shamed the image of community but of Zimbabwe as a whole, says Bishop Sebastian Bakare.

Bishop Bakare said this last week at the launch of a book titled “Facets of Power” Politics, profits and people in the making of Zimbabwe’s bloody diamonds, which narrates the brutality of the state on the people of Marange. Published by Weaver Press, the book was co-edited by Richard Sunders and Tinashe Nyamunda.

The retired Anglican Bishop said President Robert Mugabe and his administration were cursed for duping Zimbabweans.

“Reading through the pages of this book, one cannot fail to understand the plight and struggle of the powerless peasants of Marange caused by selfish and the brutal elite with no regard and human dignity,” said Bishop Bakare.

The clergyman said instead of bringing development to the Marange community diamond mining by the state and the Chinese firms brought poverty instead.

“The story of blood diamonds has however not only scandalised, shamed and destroyed the image of the Marange community alone, but also of the entire nation. The recent announcement of the disappearance of $15 billion affects us all since all natural resources should benefit the people and the entire nation.

“Never, never again should we allow the power hungry, shameless and corrupt elite system that denies equal opportunities for all,” said Bishop Bakare.

In 2008, the state deployed soldiers in Chiadzwa and brutally drove away local villagers who were traditionally living in that area.

Government took over all the diamond mining activities and authorised the Chinese and the army to operate.

But after almost a decade of mining, President Mugabe is now saying that government did not benefit from the diamonds.

The veteran leader shocked the nation when he recently said government was prejudiced $15 billion in diamond revenue by companies which were operating in Chiadzwa.

Government recently shut down Chiadzwa saying it was taking over operations there through a consolidated firm. Villagers who were forced to make way for the operations remain poor and bitter over their situation.



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    VaChihera: Professor 6 years ago

    It is high time the GOZ listens to the population of Zimbabwe. The minerals such as gold and diamonds surfaced in many places in Zimbabwe after torrential rains which fell when all our bank accounts were cleaned up in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. It was theAlmighty’s answerto our prayers as we languished in poverty of untold magnitude. We could not even find food in empty supermarkets.
    I see we have a Reserve Bank Governor from a certain bank like the previous one and we are surely going back to that era where withdrawal of hard earned cash is becoming a nightmare once more.
    Zimbabweans, it is time to raise a red flag and ask GOZ to put this HOUSE OF STONE in order. How can a Diamond Consolidated Company operate in a nation that is so corrupted to the CORE?? Who will police the company to see that revenue dueto ZIMBABWEANS go to an !unabused’ Reserve Bank?
    Did anyone notice that a flimsybexcuse was hatched to find trading change in BOND COINS. Who checkedhow much of the coins were printed? Where does GOZ find money for many trips in this severe drought year? The GOZ owes this population an explanation!
    It is hightime we accept our past mistakes and learn from them. National leaders in both GOZ and private sector, it is high time you take serious responsibility of your actions. There is no need to hang on pretending you can deliver when all on the ground show thatyou are falling.
    The honourable route isto RETIRE. Lets learn best practice from others, after all we live in a global village. I rest my case and hope that you take heed. VaChihera : Professor