China to construct new Parly building

via China to construct new Parly building – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 2, 2015

THE Chinese government has pledged to construct the proposed new Parliament building in Mt Hampden, 18km north-west of Harare in Mashonaland West province, among several other deals signed between the two governments last night.


This was disclosed by Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, while addressing journalists soon after the signing ceremony at State House.

He said the two governments had sealed 10 deals, covering a wide spectrum of the economy including finance, energy, aviation, local government and health, among others.

Sibanda said the visiting Chinese delegation, led by President Xi Jingping, pledged technical and financial assistance to various arms of government.

The deal for the construction of the new Parliament was signed between Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and his Chinese counterpart.

The Asian giant also sealed a deal with the Health ministry for the construction a national pharmaceutical warehouse. The Transport ministry is also set to benefit in the area of aviation.

Speaking at the same occasion, Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi hailed the mutual co-operation between Harare and Beijing, which he said dates back to the liberation struggle era.

Earlier, Xi had saluted President Robert Mugabe for standing firm against what he called Western interference, adding that Zimbabwe was his only destination in Africa this time for bilateral purposes.

Mugabe said he would continue appealing for more financial assistance from China to jumpstart the economy.


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    ? parliament ? oh yes .. that’s the place where party members and elected mps go to hear what the big-wigs have decided in the politburo.
    but why mount hampden? there’s not much there. why not build it somewhere fun like vegas or dubai?
    viva mugabe

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    Doris 7 years ago

    Well you won’t jumpstart the economy by building a new Parliament. How about jacking up the health care system. How about dealing with the homelessness. Who benefits from a new parliament? Really?

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    What a TOTAL waste of time and money. Only in Zimbabwe . . . ?

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    mkmmatsi 7 years ago

    pliz we want industry to jump harare and all our cities ther are lot of empty buildings in town so why wasting money constructing parliament which will not bring any change to ordinary man.what is the difference between new parliament and old parliament to ordinary is going to be built by chinese using chinese materials.the only thing zimbabwe benefit is inreasing money it will pay to china thru the loan.why our politician are failing to c that it is a bad deal tt only benefit china.china will make u stay poor.y arent they bringing the loan to open our industries

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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    This is a good example of misplaced priorities.

    At the moment Zimbabwe has a bloated Parliamentary system making the current Parliament building ‘small’ but in reality there is a need to actually reduce the number of MPs and use the current Parliament building.

    If you compare with South Africa each MP represents an average of 130,000 people whereas in Zimbabwe each MP represents around 66,000 people, almost half the people and hence Zimbabwe needs 120 MPs at best(not 210).

    Now, why not build a state of the art hospital, there is an urgent need for that than a parliament where MPs have rigged their way into it and have no legitimacy at all.

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    gwayarenda 7 years ago

    First it was Defense college. Now parliament building. Nhai ndiudzeiwo, Kuchi haigoni kuwaka parliament building here? Maregererei kuti maChaina vawake NRZ; ZISCO, ROADS, ELECTRIC RAILWAYS…INFRASTRUCTURE that makes the economy efficient! Parliament building inobatsirei pa economy nhai ndiudzeiwo!?