Chombo blasts ‘unpatriotic’ Diasporans

Source: Chombo blasts ‘unpatriotic’ Diasporans | The Herald July 15, 2016

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Zimbabweans resident in the Diaspora should work for nation building and shun being used by Westerners against the motherland, a Cabinet minister has said.

In a statement last night, Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo warned Zimbabweans in the Diaspora not to be coerced by foreign elements keen on promoting alarm, despondency and unrest in Zimbabwe.

“The so-called asylum seekers in the United Kingdom and United States of America are on the forefront, fomenting hate messages against Government contrary to so-called human rights views that they purport to be advancing,” said Dr Chombo.

His statements came in the wake of a demonstration by Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom last week against Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who was speaking at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, as part of Government re-engagement efforts with multi-lateral agencies and the international community.

Protesters from the Zimbabwe Vigil and its sister organisation Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe picketed Chatham House where Minister Chinamasa was.

In his statement, Dr Chombo said Government was deeply concerned by the conduct shown by some white- owned businesses, private companies, schools and individuals who had openly declared their support for the so-called shutdown in Zimbabwe.

“It is interesting to note that some former white farmers, and company executives went to the extent of attending (leader of shadowy organisation #ThisFlag calling for so-called shutdown,) Evan Mawarire’s appearance in court and chanting out solidarity messages with him,” said Dr Chombo.

“Some of the former white farmers and individuals went on to record and post videos on the internet inciting the public not to cooperate with authorities in Zimbabwe and stay at home. This hypocrisy should stop forthwith. No one from the white community has openly denounced the debilitating sanctions, which were imposed on the country by the Western world. I want to categorically tell them that their regime change agenda machinations will not work.”

Dr Chombo reiterated that there was no reversal of the land reform programme aimed at correcting historical imbalances. Turning to the situation in the country, Dr Chombo said Government had noted that some schools like St John’s College sent pupils back home after they had reported for lessons yesterday morning.

“May I accordingly advise parents that they are at liberty to claim their money from these trust or private schools authorities. Acts of economic sabotage will not be tolerated,” said Dr Chombo.

Dr Chombo said the security situation in the country remained calm and peaceful, adding that the Zimbabwe Republic Police together with other security organisations continue monitoring the situation in the country and anyone found on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with accordingly.


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    tonyme 6 years ago

    Sad that you have five farms and over 70 .house all over Zimbabwe. You are doing very well. Can you produce records of how you managed to have all those properties? Yes those in the diaspora can protest freely and show their disapproval of government. As long as it is done in good faith it is OK. Why are you so afraid of people protesting. Astounding write people have a right to support any political party and organization. That’s what but war was about, unless you guys were lying during chimurenga.

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    Diasporan 6 years ago

    To Chombo and Zanu – get stuffed you thieving murderers..

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    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    Who will listen to Chombo?????????? WHEN DID YOU LITTLE PUPPET chombo GO WITH OUT AN INCOME OUR GUESS IS NEVER???
    1) Chombo is a Mugabe puppet the citizens will decided the next government, sooner than you think!


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    chimusoro 6 years ago

    What an arsehole you are Chombo!

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    Chombo and your ZANU pf echelons you have plagued the country with poverty,starvation & untold suffering. South Africa did well under Sanctions why not Zim? If you were utilizing those farms you illegally allotted yourself I don’t think people will be importing the bulk food from SA. The problem with you ZANU PF people you are not transparent. You are clandestine and uncouth. You promote rot and you are unproductive the reason you plundered Zim resources. I am watching the events as they unfold people are fed up with your rogue governance. You ban imports why you own cargos that import bulk food and sell those goods @ exorbitant prices in your supermarkets while you have refused people to import on their own so what’s the difference ? Personally I have a serious problem with Mugabe’s administration because it is the one that led to all these problems. Now you are forcing people to accept the bond where are they going to use that you well know you destroyed all those industries and farms. Haibo Chombo if you reason you will concur with me but may be you are a baffoon. I want a good leader I don’t want leaders who torture citizens and offer underhand packages to keep people quiet.

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    Michael 6 years ago

    Chombo – like his boss – is a looter who is stealing the resources of Zimbabwe. Looting and Corruption have brought the country to its knees – sanctions has nothing to do with it. The man is a arsewhipe and should be in jail.

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    Adrian 6 years ago

    I can imagine ever Zimbabwean is fed up to the back teeth of the lie that has allowed the self enrichment of the few in power and favour over the many that suffer on so little.. “This hypocrisy should stop forthwith. No one from the white community has openly denounced the debilitating sanctions, which were imposed on the country by the Western world. I want to categorically tell them that their regime change agenda machinations will not work.” Blaming other while your hands are in the till, not satisfied with your salaries’ which are better than most, robbing the country while blaming the west… cannot have access to credit like ordinary citizens when you fail to pay on time, cheat and rob, while no expense is too great for the elite. May God have mercy but if any of you guys have faith in God….it’s time to repent and confess to the nation the evil you have done. A different Zimbabwe is possible….may it be so soon !!!!

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    Why is Chombo complaining when people air out their grievances?Is he very much concerned with the wellbeing of the country that he has been robbing?or is he and his masters right,and the rest of the Zimbabwean population criminals?What is he fearing???What and who is he protecting against the plight of millions of poor Zimbabweans???He and his Boss want to abduct,kill,harass,intimidate,steal from the defenseless willy-nilly and amass wealth,and expect the same people to support them???Is this maggot really well upstairs?????

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    harper 6 years ago

    Most Zimbabweans that I come across in the diaspora are intensely patriotic, in consequence they do not support the party that has killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, eaten the meat and are now boiling the feet and head for soup.

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    Ndonga 6 years ago

    You ask us to work for nation building after you and your ZANU PF brought our once prosperous and vibrant Zimbabwe nation to the brink of extinction!!!

    I and my family felt it wise to leave Zimbabwe and seek safety and a life elsewhere after you and your boss’s “movement of madness” that decimated many of our both near, and extended family.

    Now you have the gall to say we are being unpatriotic to Zimbabwe!

    If doing our level best at all times to bad mouth and attack ZANU PF is being unpatriotic then we plead guilty. How dare you say that we are being coerced to do this by the West. We do it solely on our own initiative and we don’t seek, want or need encouragement from anyone.

    And we will continue to be so unpatriotic. Well, what you dare to call being unpatriotic.

    But we will never forget you and yours. One day you will pay dearly for your “moment of madness”.

    Even if it’s the last thing we will ever do.

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      winchacha 6 years ago

      Idiot chombo that’s what you are – bustard if you and your bosses had not ruined Zimbabwe there would have been noone In the diaspora

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    There is something that is clearly sticking out about these officials in there reactions to the protests; THEY ARE COMPLETELY MUM/QUIET ABOUT CORRUPTION !!!

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    No matter how much Zanu-PF talks about “debilitating sanctions”, it is still a lie. Zanu destroyed the economy out of greed and chased everyone out of the country.

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    peacemaker 6 years ago

    chombo you a shame a big shame because what you are say is just coming from mind and we call it bluffing coz kungo taurawo empty speech …. what am happy with is deep heartedly you know the truth kucha the country is messed up by you & mugabe in particular people again your hearty supports pastor mawarires and zvorwadzas action but the fact that your wickedness and greediness will not allow your hearty to speak anyway that is your problem and that will not stop us from demonstrating our rights as zimbabweans

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    Collin 6 years ago

    Chomobo is the reason why Zimbabwe is in this current situation.
    To resort confidence HE needs to get rid of him and the local government dude that one that has slipt ZanuPF and has 50 bedroom house that he brags about everyday .

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    Rob Compton 6 years ago

    The day of reckoning is fast approaching these ZANU folks. They will be forwarded to the ICC. Policies matter. There is no rational explanation why Zimbabwe is in decline when most countries at least manage to have some growth. Zimbabwe’s economy is experiencing the fastest peacetime decline of any economy. Chombo and company want ‘targeted sanctions’ removed so they can send their hard currency abroad to Europe.

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    Amaverick 6 years ago

    I would hazard a guess that most of us ex Zimbabweans in the diaspora would rather be living in Zimbabwe. I know I would, but like so many of us in the diaspora I could see no future in Zimbabwe. My wife & I stuck it for as long as possible but the continuing constraints of lack of water, electricity and food made it impossible. Given what you inherited in 1980 there was absolutely no reason for the country to decline to the level it did except for the unbridled greed of you and your friends in high places. As for so called sanctions applied against you and your friends this as you know doubt know is a lie and and excuse to avoid your own responsibilities for your failures. There was again no reason for Zimbabwe to be a failed state, blessed as it is with abundant natural resources. There is and was more than enough to go around but you and your friends wanted it all for yourselves. Zimbabwe is mine said your boss

    In the West at least we are free to some extent to speak out against oppression and injustice whereas in Zimbabwe unless the party line was espoused we would have faced your thugs, the police and army. I am pleased to see from recent events that finally the people of Zimbabwe are finding their voice and the strength of numbers. In the West I do not need to earn foreign currency to eat, I have access to water, electricity and fuel. Law and order is generally not corrupt and I can choose to be as rich or as poor as I like without the need to be corrupt.

    But at the end of the day I miss the beauty of Zimbabwe and living in Africa, where despite being a white I was born. Zimbabwe is and always will be my home, but now too old to return and start again

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    let’s fight at night Zimbabwe. . shone. ndebele. kalanga. Veda Shangani. tonga.we r tired. ..chimurenga husiku. .. leaders pamberi

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    Kevin 6 years ago

    Chombo is a useless lying thief and when Mugabe dies his time is up!

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    Mugabe and his carbinet must know that we’re tired of their dids,can anyone help us with guns and medication we’re ready to die for our freedom,36 donkey years of them stealing is too much!

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    Who is more patriotic a-white-haired- thief and one who sends money back home to be used hopeless peace loving citizens?