CIO spy busted over $480k rhino poaching

via CIO spy busted over $480k rhino poaching – NewZimbabwe 04/01/2016

A MEMBER of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) is part of a five-gang poaching syndicate which gunned down four black rhinoceros in the Sango Valley Conservancy, de-horning them before selling the horns to Zambian buyers.

The horns are valued at $480 000,00 and nothing was recovered

The spy Mudenge Munashe Mugwira, Jason Chisango (ages not given) and Tavengwa Machona, 39, have since been arrested and are being trialled separately at the Masvingo Magistrate’s court.

Two other accomplices, Dumisani Moyo and Chris Kombayi, are still at large.

Muchona, the first to stand trial, was last Friday slapped with a 35-year jail term when he appeared before Magistrate Langton Ndokera for contravening section 45(1) (a) of the parks and wildlife Act while the other two are expected to appear in court facing similar charges this week.

However, fifteen years of Muchona’s sentence was suspended on condition he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years. He was also ordered to restitute the value to the dead rhinos to the parks authority.

Prosecutor Tawonga Musina told the court the gang first pounced on Sango Valley conservancy on 10 February 2014 armed with an AK47 rifle and shot down one rhino before de-horning the protected animal.

Court heard that using the same modus operandi, the gang again on 22 February and 19 April last year killed three more rhinos and de-horned the animals and shared proceeds of the hunt after selling the horns in Zambia.

The syndicate was busted on 29 December last year in the conservancy while trying another hunt.

After the arrest they confessed to hunting down rhinos and took detectives and parks officials to different places within the conservancy where carcasses of three rhinos were found.


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    Mukanya 5 years ago

    Its a dead issue

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 5 years ago

    Muchona got 35 years with fifteen years suspended on condition he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years. 35 minus 15 leaves a balance of 20. How then is he able to not commit an offence in the next five years if he is in jail for the next 20 years.

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      Chikaponya 5 years ago

      The 5 years are counted from hi date of release.If he commits a similar offence within 5years after being released the suspended sentence will be added on the new sentence-got it?

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      What’s your question here MikeH – are you suggesting that while one is serving jail sentence then one is still committing crime or what? I surely don’t get your point here; & I find the said statement meaningful & straight forward.

      Surely, there are many who commit crimes whilst serving in jails & others who don’t. Isn’t it?? So, what it means is should he commit a crime in the next 5 yrs, whilst in jail yes, then the suspension may fall away.

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    Boutros 5 years ago

    @Mapingu, how can someone serving 20 years jail for poaching commit a similar crime (of poaching) in the next 5 years, a time he would be serving his 20 years in jail? i am sure this is the point MikeH is trying to put across. The condition for suspension doesnt make any practical sense. i agree with MikeH. H

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      Dhazbhom 5 years ago

      He can be a mastermind of same the crime even if he is in jail.